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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Case Against Homeschooling...

When I talk to people who ask me about our homeschooling, these are the type of concerns I hear from them about "why" they can't homeschool.  Yes, they are legitimate fears, and on occasion, I still feel some of these myself, I admit it.  But, in reality, all of these fears can be squashed rather easily! Let me try...

1) Finances... My Usborne Books & More business allows me to bring in supplemental income that helps us pay bills consistently and stay home at the same time. And other than that, my husband is amazing and works hard (2-3 jobs if necessary) to support us so that we can live this way because he is fully behind it as well!  I know that homeschooling puts a major strain on our finances, but this is our calling and we have made it work for 5+ years now.  God has our backs.

2) I'm not a teacher...  While I am certainly not a math/science expert, and will fully admit that to anyone anytime, I can learn WITH my child and the curriculum we use helps us through it. Co-op classes help us, online resources help us. There is help available everywhere when we need it! As a parent, we teach our children to walk, talk, etc.... why shouldn't we be trusted to teach them beyond that?  I mean, really?  There was a fantastic quote in the comment section of the above-linked article that I whole-heartedly agree with: "Don't question your ability to teach your child. Question putting your child into the same system that left you feeling incapable of teaching your child."  Ouch, right?

3) Socialization...  :::rolls eyes:::  We are involved in organizations that offer opportunities for the kiddos to be with other kiddos. Then there's, I dunno... LIFE. They do not live in a bubble, nor are they unable to hold conversations with kids OR adults. They socialize with EVERYONE, not just kids their own age in certain settings. When I think of "socialization" inside the school-setting, yeah... I'd rather them not, thanks.

4) I might lose myself?  Really?  Every once in a while I would love to send my kids away for the day so I could enjoy some peace and quiet, or at least some adult conversation.  So I do.  Boom.  (thanks, grandmas and grandpas or playdates)  It IS overwhelming to have your kids with you 24/7, and sometimes I feel like I'm gonna lose my mind, but I prefer having them with me to not seeing them all day long and having them come home complete strangers.  And on the opposite end... what if I FIND myself while being a homeschool mom?!?

5)  Doing it wrong... We, as moms, question ourselves regarding everything. EVERYTHING.  But at some point, we have to make a decision to just go with what we feel is right.  For me, homeschooling is right, and hey, you know what... I might do some stuff wrong.  So what?  It's a learning experience for all of us.  But who knows my kids better than me?  No one.  So if it's right for them, it's right.

I know that homeschooling is NOT for everyone, and that's fine.  I have my calling, you have yours.  If you feel called to it, but resist because of fears like the ones stated above... let's talk it out, 'pro and con' it if you need to,  truly pray and listen for guidance.  Do not let fear rule your life when you could be missing out on one of the greatest things to happen to your family.  If the answer is no, awesome.  If the answer is yes, rad! 

:::steps off soapbox:::