Hey, It's Jade! and family

About Me

My name is Jade.  Yes, that is my real name.  I used to work in a busy customer service call center.  I used to be a radio DJ.  I used to be a children's book seller.  I used to be a great many things.  These days I mostly exist as a wife and as a mother of four energetic tiny humans who take up every second of my time and every ounce of energy I can muster.  I find myself praying daily for strength, patience and sanity.  And I know He hears me, and answers me as He knows best.  Usually with opportunities to grow those virtues, instead of the virtues themselves.  It is typically His way.  I am blessed to be where I am today, with these creatures to call my own and copious amounts of coffee at my disposal.  I know we shall survive this season, just as we have survived the others.

Someday I plan to pick this little space of interwebs back up and dust it off and use it to share more of my heart, and not just a book review here and there, but for now... thank you for your patience and prayers!

Jade =)
January 2018