Hey, It's Jade!

About Me

My name is Jade.  Yes, that is my real name.  I used to work in a busy customer service call center.  I used to be a radio DJ.  I used to be a children's book seller.  I used to be a great many things.  These days I mostly exist as a wife and as a mother of three energetic tiny humans who take up every second of my time and every ounce of energy I can muster.  I find myself praying daily for strength, patience and sanity.  And I know He hears me, and answers me as He knows best.  Usually with opportunities to grow those virtues, instead of the virtues themselves.  It is typically His way.  I am blessed to be where I am today, with these creatures to call my own and copious amounts of coffee at my disposal.  I know we shall survive this season, just as we have survived the others.

For the time being, I am only posting book reviews on this blog page.  One of my (many) 2017 New Year's Resolutions is to read more.  For myself.  Not just to my little people.  For me.  Someday I plan to pick this little space of interwebs back up and dust it off and use it to share more of my heart, but for now... thank you for your patience and enjoy some books!

Jade =)
January 30, 2017