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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Glimpse at Convention (with more to come!)...

The iPad I earned & the new titles I was given!
I am still trying to process everything that happened during Usborne Books & More National Convention in "Paradise" last week.  It was so much, and it was so great, I want to do it justice when I really do create a post about it.  I learned so much about our company and our business. I deepened friendships and made some wonderful new ones!  I laughed like I haven't laughed in ages!  And I came home with a bag full of new titles and an iPad 3 that I earned for having fun and sharing awesome childrens books with people.  I mean, seriously?  This is my "job?"  I will post about the convention, with pictures I'm sure, soon.  I am excited about the future with Usborne Books & More... I want to party with you, I want to show you our books, I want you to be on my team so you can experience this along with me!  You know what the next major goal is?  A Mediterranean Cruise.  Uh huh.  And I wanna go!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Proof That They Can Get Along...

Being cheesers at Sarah's Shear Hope Event.

Playing in the "wah-wah" the other evening.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Me On the Map... from Pinterest

The other day I expressed my love/hate relationship for Pinterest on my Facebook page.  It's inspiring, for sure... but more often than not, I look around Pinterest and it makes me depressed!  I wish I was more crafty! I wish I had more money to achieve this or that.  I wish.. I wish.. etc.  It makes me envious.  I only visit Pinterest like once a month, if that.  I use it mostly as a bookmarking site so I will know where to find things I once found interesting.  I've made a few recipes from there, and attempted a few other crafts or projects... but again, I usually just feel like a big, fat failure at life when I visit Pinterest.  Lol.

All that being said, I saw the following project on Pinterest and decided it was too easy and neat NOT to attempt!  And, believe it or not... it came out great (thought not exactly as the "pinned" example did).  It's called Me on the Map, and the original blog post and idea can be found here.  It helps your child understand where he exists in this world... while the idea of a state, country, planet may seem abstract to them.

I cheated a bit and printed out images for Preston to use, but he wrote and did some coloring on it.  He thought it was super cool!  Just a fun, quick little project during our month-long summer vacation.

Me on the Map

All spread out.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

God On The Streets of Gotham by Paul Asay Review

The title of this book, God on the Streets of Gotham: What The Big Screen Batman Can Teach Us About God and Ourselves, instantly caught my eye.  "What in the world is going to be written in a book relating Batman and God?" is what I asked myself... and knew I had to find out.  I have liked Batman for a long time, ok... it was mostly Michael Keaton as Batman that I liked.  But the character was always so interesting to me as a whole.  Paul Asay, associate editor of Focus on the Family's PluggedIn.com, is the author and he honestly does a fantastic job of delving into the many different facets of who we know as Batman (and there are SO many different Batmans to cover!) and showing us how he does, in fact, relate to God and Jesus.  

I appreciate the fact that Asay doesn't try to force Christianity onto Bruce Wayne/Batman.  No, he readily admits he doesn't know if the Caped Crusader is a believer or not and yet easily gives detailed examples of how Batman, though dark and often deadly, shadows the Christian faith.  Is his "higher calling" and moral code merely an outstanding sense right and wrong... or is it living for something more?  We can only speculate and use Batman's examples to better ourselves in our walk with Christ.  

The author mostly uses the Christopher Nolan films to gleam from, but certainly does not leave the comic books, TV show, animated cartoons and previous movies untouched.  We run down the list of Batman's attire, comparing it to the spiritual armor we, as Christians, should wear described in Ephesians 6:14-17.  Asay relates the Dark Knight's nemeses, quite accurately, to the struggles we often fight in our daily lives.  And, though Batman is, essentially, a loner, he is not without his partners who help to keep him in check, provide encouragement and assist when needed.

I quite enjoyed reading this book, delving into the deeper levels of Batman and his Gotham.  As far-fetched as the concept may seem, Asay does a great job tying Batman and faith in God together with enough detail, wit and insight to make for a wonderful read.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scorpion Sting

Last week, Michael and I watched a special on PBS about venom and poisonous animals.  It was pretty interesting how scientists are studying venom to create medicine that heals instead of kills.  Of course, watching all those creepy snakes and spiders... I figured I'd have nightmares for a week.  Thankfully, I didn't.

Then, last night, Michael and Callen were sitting on the couch, playing with some little VeggieTales figures.  All of sudden Callen makes this face and starts fussing about his finger.  We thought he had just smashed his fingers between the toys or something, but then he turned, pointed and started saying "Bug!  Bug!"  Then Preston started saying it.  I couldn't see anything, couldn't figure out what was going on for a few seconds... and THEN we saw it!  A two-inch long scorpion on the pillow right next to Callen.  The thing had crawled up on the couch with them sitting right there and somehow stung Callen's pinky finger.  I dunno if reached out and touched it, or if it got him out of nowhere... not sure.  

Photo from here
As soon as we saw it, we jumped up... I grabbed Callen and all those scenes from that venom show started racing through my mind.  I asked Michael, "Scorpions are poisonous, right?  Like, take-him-to-the-hospital-poisonous?!?"  I decided I needed to Google what to do, so I took Callen (who was telling me "Water on it!  Water on it!") to the computer while Michael and Preston hunted the scorpion and killed it.  Google told me to wash his hand (Callen was right!) and use a cold compress on it, and that a scorpion sting wasn't normally a big deal unless it bites your young child or pet.  Um... this was my young child!  It said to seek medical attention.  Just as I was thinking it, Michael told me to call poison control.  They assured us that he should be fine, just wash it, keep it clean and dry.... said he might have some nausea, lip tingling and the sweats.  If it didn't get better by morning, take him to the doctor.  By this time, Callen was wanting to run around and "go see bug?  go see bug?"  He wanted to see it again, geez.  The little finger was a little swollen and thankfully Callen let us put the ice pack on it (he usually hates that!).  He started doing funny things with his lips so I guess he did get the lip tingling the nurse mentioned.  But, it wasn't long before he was running around, acting crazy, just like normal and the sting looked fine. Michael and Preston were able to kill the scorpion with a combination of bug spray and a shoe smash.  However, the bug spray was all over the couch, pillow and rug, of course.  Commence cleaning!

This morning, I checked Callen's finger and it looks fine, just a little pin prick looking site where he got the sting.  When we walked into the living room, he saw that the cow rug was gone (it was soaked in bug spray and we've been saying it's time to get rid of it anyway because it's ragged) and the couch cushion was missing the it's cover.  He launched into a full retelling of what happened last night: "Sit wif Daddy, bug BITE me on here (points to finger), bug on piwwow, OUCH, Dada spay it (makes spraying sound), all done."  Lol. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tour of Fire Station #5

This morning we had a tour of Fire Station #5 so that Preston could finish up the requirements for his Tiger Cub Badge.  They knew a tour was planned, but were expecting more people for some reason... but since it was just Preston, Callen and me... they took a lot of time with us and let Preston see and do a lot of really neat things!  He was so excited and learned a lot from this field trip!  The firemen were so nice, and we greatly appreciate the time they spent with us!

When we first entered the firehouse, Fireman Stevenson explained that it is their home away from home and they spend A LOT of time there.  They have nice big, comfy chairs and a TV so that in between calls they relax.  There is a bedroom for the "boss" and then a big room with lots of beds for everyone else.  And sometimes they actually get to sleep.  =)  He showed us their kitchen and the big maps on the walls that help them know the city.  Preston told him our address and he found us right away!

Then he took us out to the trucks.  He showed us the ambulance, and there were some paramedics working on some stuff inside of it.  One of them said he was an Eagle Scout... and had previously been a bull rider!  Wow!
Checking out the ambulance.
Then we got to check out the firetruck.  Preston sat up where the "boss" sits and got to try on the headphones.
Where the "boss" sits.
Fireman Preston!
Then Fireman Fritz came out and showed us their uniform and how they put it on.  It's very heavy and VERY hot in the summertime, but it protects them from fire.  He also put on the mask that they use to be able to breathe fresh air instead of smoke.  Preston liked that he talked like Darth Vader in the mask. 
Putting on all the gear.
He talks like Darth Vader!
Then Fireman Lane let Preston ride in the firetruck as he pulled it out of the garage.  And let him shoot water out of the hose. That was pretty exciting for Preston!!
Pulling the truck out of the garage!
Wow, working the fire hose!
Preston got a nice tour of all the tools and equipment in the fire truck too.
Jaws of Life, etc.
He got to try out a neck brace.
Look at all the buttons and levers!
It was a great tour and the firemen were so nice to give us so much information and hands on experience.  We were joined on our visit by a butterfly AND a lady bug.  Haha.
Thanks Fire Station #5 and crew!

May 2012 Tweets to Remember...

May 1st - "Winifred, never confuse efficiency with a liver complaint."

May 5th - Sick boy fell asleep on me watching . =(

May 7th - Direct sunlight on brick, but still... I'm not ready for .

May 8th - 2 yrs old & clingy, yep... The wrap still works!

May 8th - ain't just for girls... Or babies.

May 9th - Everytime Callen hears a police siren, which is often since we live behind a police station, he looks worried and asks, "Get me?"

May 10th - I may or may not be taking turns being a rock star singer w/my kids using a toy echo mic & whatever pops up on our Pandora stations.

May 16th - Visiting Arlington Museum of Art to see art inspired by CS Lewis. Yay field trip. Boo a/c out, fire alarm going off & wet paint floor.

May 19th - No sleeping in the tent for us tonite. Callen demanded we go inside after about 10 mins, Preston quickly agreed. Haha!

May 20th - It has already been broughten, and Pastor Joe hasn't even started! Freedom! Wow GFC, just wow.

May 23rd - 3rd time in this office in 3 weeks, not enjoying this habit. 

May 25th - 2 yr olds against . =( 

May 25th - Oh, the irony of reading a Revolutionary War Amish Fiction book on my Kindle.

May 26th - Disappointing: Noticing that someone you admire pretty much only follows p0rn stars on twitter. Gross. Consider yourself un-admired.

May 28th - Disappointing: Noticing that someone you admire pretty much only follows p0rn stars on twitter. Gross. Consider yourself un-admired. 

May 29th - Organization makes me downright giddy. If only it could last!

May 30th - Little one is a broken record lately: "Mommy, I luff you. Tay-tu, Mommy" I can't say that it bothers me much. =)

May 30th - Callen requested "Bob song (Veggietales)," "Birthday Song," "God Song (Jesus Loves Me)" and "Ballgame Song (Take Me Out...)." In that order.