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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Free is good, even if it costs a little...

I know, I know... another post about getting a good deal at the store?  YES!  We're doing our best to save as much money as we can these days... money is tight like whoa, and frankly, I don't wanna have to get a job now after finally getting to be a SAHM!  (I mean, I even made my whole family shave their heads so we could save on shampoo and hair products.  Just kidding.)  So when things are on sale, or better yet FREE, I'm all about that.  I do our main grocery shopping at Aldi because they have the best prices.  But they don't have everything ans sometimes better deals can be found elsewhere.  Kroger doubles/triples coupons. Target, Walgreens and CVS have their own store coupons you can stack with manufacturers coupons, and the latter two offer store 'bucks' that work same as cash.  Combining all those things helps a lot and some shopping trips are definitely better than others depending on what we need versus sales, available coupons, etc.

Yesterday, I ran around to Walgreens, Kroger and two (yes, 2!) CVS's looking for the deals/freebies I've seen listed on the Deal Blogs I read.  I was somewhat disappointed at Walgreens (again) as most of the stuff I read about/planned to get was gone or not the deal I saw listed.  Kroger was good... found what I needed, used coupons and saved a lot.  Not as much as the lady in front of me, though.*  And CVS was awesome, they have a Pampers deal going right now, where you buy a big box of diapers at $21.99, you get $10 ECB (basically store credit).  So, I used my coupons and got that deal along with a few others things and ended up getting a bunch of ECB which I used on another box of diapers (woo for stocking up on those boogers!).  The hardest part about those shopping trips is getting the kids in and out of the car and having them cooperate while I hunt and peck for specific items that correspond with the deals.  They can only take so much and then one or both of them start getting grumpy.

Today I hit up Target and decided to just make it fun.  If I didn't find the deals I was looking for, so what?  Let's just have a good time looking at stuff and being silly together!  Preston was great, one of his best shopping trips lately (guess my decision to just be easy worked!).  Callen, however, was tired and cranky, but as soon as I got him out of his seat and into the sling, he was asleep and fine!  I did end up finding nearly everything I was hoping for!  I got up to the checkout and the total was about $22.  After my coupons... $2.59.  The only reason it was THAT much is 'cause I picked up two packs of patriotic (July 4th) napkins for .50cents each, some Kai-Lan stickers for .74cents and an extra pack of Colored Pencils that were .88cents.  That's really all I paid for!  Everything else I got was FREE!  Here's a pic...

Aquafresh Kid's toothpaste, 2 Sobe LifeWaters, 2 bags of Snyder's Pretzels, a Wonka Bar, 2 packs of napkins, Bagel Bites, Papermate pens, Kai-Lan stickers, 2 packs of Bic pens, 2 boxes of Crayola markers and 1 box of Crayola Colored Pencils.

Coulda kept my whole transaction under a dollar if I hadn't of picked up the extra napkins and stickers at the last minute.  Haha.  Oh well!  Pretty happy with my score!

*The lady in front of me at Kroger yesterday totally showed me up.  She bought like 20 things of deodorant, 20 packs of Mentos, 5 bags of cheese and I dunno what else and her total after coupons was $1.24.  You go, lady!  But I dunno what you're gonna do with THAT much deodorant, I mean... really?  Please don't clear out the shelves, other people need deodorant too!  Hopefully she's giving them to charity or something. Heh.  And, lady, where did you get all those copies of the coupons? How many Sunday papers do you take?! 

Speaking of... if anyone takes the Sunday paper and doesn't use the coupons, I'll gladly take 'em off your hands!  I will gladly also give away the pet food coupons or other ones I don't use if you want/need 'em.

Mad props to the following sites for helping me save money (so I don't have to figure all this stuff out on my own!):
MyDallasMommy.com, HeyItsFree.net, Freebies4Mom.com, MoneySavingMom.com, DealSeekingMom.com, SheSaved.com and SavingsCentsWithSense.net.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back to being 'yourheadisbald'...

My sweet husband wanted to shave his head the day before my event, so we went out on the back deck and got out the shears.  And Preston wanted in on the action, so he went bald too!


Yesterday's Shear Hope event was great.  We didn't have the crowd we were hoping for, but it was a blast nonetheless.  We raised nearly $300 at the event alone between the two of us (me and Candi) and that plus what's come in via paypal and handed to us individually... we raised a good chunk of change for Shear Hope again!  Hooray for 'repeat offenders'!  Haha.

The event was held at Chapel In The Woods in Dallas, and unfortunately one of their A/C units went out that day, so it was a bit warm in there!  But we grinned and bared it, and it all went smoothly.  We were surrounded by loving family and friends who came out to see us go bald!  Jeffrey discussed what Shear Hope was all about and how it worked, we watched the video (the one I've seen a million times and STILL cry at!) and Molly got up and spoke about when she did and what SH meant to her, then it was my turn.  I had my 'speech' all planned out in my head, but when I got up there (following the video and Molly, eek!) I got all chocked up, especially when I mentioned my mom's fight with Cancer last year.  I didn't say anything I really wanted to, and I hardly got out anything at all.  Then we got to shaving!  My hair was 20" long this time around!

I was a little nervous of how Callen would react to my bald head, but he didn't mind one bit!  We all match now!

Then, it was Candi's turn!

I got to shave some of her hair off, hahah!


It's such a blessing to be part of this organization and to have been able to do this twice!!!

Here are the lyrics to the song I played while my head was being shaved... (Hope, by Remedy Drive, of course)
What a beautiful sight for the worn and weary eye
The glimmering light in the corner of a broken sky
Hope sweet hope like a star burning bright
When the sun goes down and the fears begin to fly
Hope’s not giving up
Hope’s not giving up
In a cold dark night she's not giving
Not giving up
Hold on tight this city's about to break
In the middle of the night lying there wide awake
Hope sweet hope how much more can she take
Being our strength when our hearts are out of faith
Hope is with me in my time of trouble
When it all comes crashing down she will stay
By my side digging through the rubble
She’s not giving up - not giving up - not giving up

Friday, July 16, 2010

I got inspired to sew...

I have wanted some adorable Baby Legs, but definitely can't make myself pony up $12 a pair for 'em.  Plus, there aren't a lot of really good ones for boys.  So, I started looking around for advice on how to make them and got inspired.  How hard could they be, right?  Um... I have sewed two blankets, a pillow case and a crazy lookin' shopping cart cover in my life.  I haven't touched my sewing machine in four years (and never before that!).  I found a few different places that had info on how to make these baby leg warmers and made an attempt on an old sock... got the basic idea down but wasn't exactly what I was going for.  THEN, I found a blog WITH PICTURES that made it all make perfect sense!  And.... I did it.  So, thanks to Everything Your Mama Made, here's what I did:


Granted, I need some more practice to get 'em better, but not too shabby on my first attempt (and in only 20 minutes!).  As you can see, they're Callen-approved!  I have a bunch of old character socks (mostly Snoopy) and they make great designs for these things... super cute!  Totally excited to make some more.  They're gonna be wonderful when he starts crawling! I'm also looking forward to making these for friends' babies!!!

Who knew I could sew?!?  I think my SAHM status is going to my head! =)

Oh, and Preston says hi!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Repeat Offenders Shear Hope Event...

This Saturday, July 17th, 5-7pm at Chapel In The Woods Church in Dallas, Candi and I will be shaving our heads again for Shear Hope.  We're both super excited and cannot wait!!!  Everyone is invited!  Jeffrey and I were on Powertalk this past Sunday to discuss what Shear Hope has been up to over the past five years.  Yep, it was five years ago that I last shaved my head, whoa!  My hair is longer this time too...

I can't wait to go bald again!!!

Read my bio on the Shear Hope page here.  Come out and support us this Saturday!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Callen's 4 Month Update...

Doctor's appointment today.  I really don't like getting up early, especially when we're all slightly sick-ish and have been up a lot throughout the nite... then having to sit around a doctor's office for an hour before they bother to come in (we could have slept that extra hour, ya know?!?).  Anyway, Callen is perfect healthy - of course!

14.5 lbs, 27" long

Had to get two shots and one oral vaccination.  He cried, duh, but was fine once I got him in his seat and heading out the door.  I think he was just tired of being in that place.  We all were, kid, we all were.  I had half a dozen questions for the doctor.  Yes, this is my second kid... but he's different, what's this? is this normal? can I do anything about this?  She reassured me that everything was perfectly fine.  Whew.  He has a little calcified cyst-type thing on his right nipple.  It's been there since he was born and the first couple of times to the doctor they told me it would go away (two different doctors).  But they never really gave me a time-line, so in MY mind, it should have gone away.  But this doctor said it could be years, nothing to worry about it since it's not bothering him and isn't getting bigger or worse.  :::shrug:::  Ok.

I looked back on here (my xanga) to see what I posted about Preston's 4 month check up:

He's just a little guy!

Preston had a doctor's appointment today.  He's healthy.  That's good.
But, in a way, it made me feel like a bad mother. 
Every kid is different...do they create those percentiles just to make you worry?
I'm thinking they do.  He's healthy, but he's 'lean' for his age...quite lean. 
:::Mother goes into panic mode!:::  Too lean, not eating enough, I'm starving him!
He's got eczema too.  And a bit of a hernia.  BUT, she didn't detect the murmer, so that's a plus!
Poor boogerhead got poked in the finger and then got two shots in each of his thighs.  =(

Hehe.  He was 12lbs, 7oz and 25" long.  So Callen is already 2 pounds and 2 inches bigger than Preston was... I have a feeling he's going to be bigger than him soon enough.  Preston doesn't seem to grow (despite the fact that he seems giant to me know compared to the infant).  Though, he has surpassed 40" finally, just not 40lbs (has been stuck around 37 lbs forever!).

A few new pix to post...

The boys LOVE each other, playing together, etc.

This picture cracks me up, Callen's face is hilarious!

He's usually soooo happy!!!  Can't beat that!

Visiting Mema.

Callen is rolling over tummy-to-back.  He did it for weeks on his own, but I never saw it till just the other day.  I would go into his room to get him from a nap and he'd be laying there on his back (and we always put him on his tummy to sleep).  He FINALLY rolled over for me the other nite and you would have thought we won the lottery the way Preston and I carried on.  LOL!  I love that Preston gets so excited about his brother!  It's so sweet.

He's also playing really well with toys now.  He reaches out and moves his truck around on his highchair tray.  He also grabs the toys dangling down on his bouncy seat.  Or he'll take a rattle toy and shake it around and chew on it a bit.  He's super drooly and loves to chomp on EVERYTHING, maybe some teething going on.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Farewell, KVTT.

It's a sad day in Dallas-Fort Worth.  A lot of people won't even notice, but one of Dallas-Fort Worth's longest running Christian radio stations is signing off the air today.  KVTT is having to shut it's doors after over 33 years of being on the airwaves.  Last year the station was sold to KERA, and through the hard work of it's employees and God's grace, they moved to AM to hold out for a few months longer.  But it didn't last... their listeners didn't make the move with them, or at least the listeners who were their main supporters didn't seem to make the move with them.  It's heartbreaking.  KVTT is where Power FM started, therefore it's where I started... so this station means a lot to me, the people who are now out of a job mean a lot to me. 

When I first started with the organization, I was the weekend 'babysitter' for both stations.  I did board op and on-air shifts for KVTT, I did the website for a short while.  When our two stations split (when KVTT was sold to Covenant), we all remained in the same building, so even though we were separate... we really weren't.  The sell of KVTT to KERA last year was devastating, we thought it was gone then.  But they were able to obtain an AM frequency and continued on for a while, there was some hope for the station!  Now this.  It's gone.  Listener-supported, non-commercial Christian radio is hard.  There are so many rules and limitations that make it nearly impossible to survive, but KVTT did it... for 33 years! 

Thank you, KVTT, and everyone who's worked there or been a part of the organization for all that you've done!   I know that the station reached and ministered to millions of people over it's history... I pray the Lord blesses this opportunity for even bigger and better things!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

We didn't do much to celebrate the holiday this year, kinda got away from us.  We did manage to have a yummy lunch that was fitting a July 4th celebration...

Hot dogs, chips, baked beans & lemonade.

Preston approved.

Me & Callen

My bright red cake!

Michael had to work 6pm-11pm so we didn't make it out to fireworks.  I watched the NBC/Macy's fireworks special featuring Justin Bieber, LeAnn Rimes & Enrique Iglesias... yeahhh, but the fireworks were awesome at least

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ok, ok, Summer is good for a few things...

I am pretty harsh on Summer, because it's hot... and I don't really like hot.  But, I have to admit there are a few things that come with Summer that are actually nice.  Plus, North Texas has been having a lot of rain the past few weeks, and lots of clouds, which means temperatures haven't been tooooo bad lately.  I am thankful for that.

This morning's plan was to hit up Old Navy, Borders, Half Price Books & Walmart.  Now, considering we went to bed late 'cause of the Rangers game (watching it on tv, and there was a two hour rain delay) and then I was up at least three times to feed Callen (he kept falling asleep and not eating till he was full so he'd wake up again hungry)... we got a later start than I thought.  Oh well.  Preston and I got up, had breakfast then I got Callen up and fed him... then we were off!  I was a little nervous, 'cause usually when I make plans to do stuff like this... it fails massively.  But, it went pretty darn good this time around.  The weather was cooperative, cloudy and not terribly hot.  The boys were in good moods (despite a few initial protests from Preston, who wanted to stay home and watch cartoons). 

First, we hit up Old Navy.  I really needed some new flip flops 'cause the ones I've been wearing for years are starting to tear up finally (helped by Preston stepping on the back of one the other day and causing it to have a huge crack).  I was hoping it wouldn't be wicked crowded, and thankfully... it wasn't!  Thank you, Jesus... Old Navy scares me when it's packed!  Anyway, grabbed two pairs of flip flops in my size (and they had the silver ones I always like!), grabbed a pair in Preston's size (The LAST one in that size, haha) and got checked out. $3.24 for three pairs of flip flops, not bad!

Next off, Borders Books.  Turned in Preston's reading list for a free book! No problem!

Then, to Half Price Books to turn in two weeks of Preston's reading list for $6 worth of HPB credit. We hit up the clearance section and scored 4 books that Preston liked.  I had to throw in a quarter, but worth it for a Kate Toms, Backyardigans, Pooh and dragon book!

Our score:
  Total out of pocket: $3.49

We also hit up Walmart for a few things we needed, including a free Digiorno pizza, and they were having lots of samples.  So, Preston, who was getting antsy for lunch, was occupied with crackers, a bit of hot dog, cookies and kool-aid.  We also ran into Mackenzie & Reggie!  As we were headed for the check out, Callen, who had been perfect up until then, started fussing.  Poor guy lasted as long as he could.  Both boys were as good as could be expected, so I'm thankful for that.

So, Summer, I do appreciate at least two things about you: flip flop sales and Summer reading programs that score us free books! Woo!

[EDIT: Added 8:43 PM]
P.S. I might have gotten a little too gung-ho about Summer today.  I got the whole family to get in their swim suits and we headed over to the community pool* and just as we pulled into the parking lot, there came a great rainstorm.  We hoped it would pass in a few minutes, but when it didn't, we came home.  It rained for hours.  Preston was pretty sad, I was pretty bummed, Michael was probably slightly annoyed and Callen... well, he peed in his swim diaper, I think that covers it.  We'll try again soon!

* We have lived in this house for over 7 years and NEVER been to the neighborhood pool.  Ok, we tried ONCE and it was a Monday... it's closed on Mondays for cleaning.  Never went back.  But now that Preston is learning to swim, I decided I would call up the HOA and see if they would send me a new key card to get in.  I have NO IDEA where the first one went to, and I knew they charged $75 for a replacement.  But, when I called and said I would like a key card, the lady looked up our account and said, "Oh, I see we've never issued you one."  Whew!  She mailed it yesterday, we got it in the mail today!  I guess when the HOA was taken over by a new company the info didn't get passed along. Well, good, 'cause I was gonna raise a stink about having to pay for a new key card when the HOA never even does anything about the problems in our neighborhood.  Luckily, I didn't have to drag all that into the conversation.  She was very nice and we have access to the pool now!  Yay! [/EDIT]

Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Tweets to Remember...

Jun 1st, 9:12am - Normal ppl get cricks in their neck from sleeping wrong, my jaw dislodges... what? Can't get it back right either, its been 2 days now.

Jun 3rd, 2:03pm -
Oh man, we are in trouble now. http://twitpic.com/1tlzkg

Jun 5th, 12:23pm -
I love the diversity of my friends! I don't even mean race... I mean personalities, lifestyles, experience, etc. You guys are greatness!

Jun 5th, 9:08pm -
I learned something today. 90degrees at 8:30pm is so much better than 90degrees at 8:30am. This evening's walk to the park wasn't death.

Jun 5th, 9:35pm -
Nashvillians? Nashvillengers? Nashvegans? Yeah... I dunno.

Jun 5th, 11:55pm -
Aww, just heard Preston say "You're the best, Dad!" to @mclarko 'cuz he's helping him get ready for bed (he's usually not here for this).

Jun 6th, 4:36pm -
There just aren't enough hours in the day. There's also not enough energy in me, either, so I guess it evens out.

Jun 6th, 11:00pm -
Preston was helping me put the sprinkler out & he goes "Oh no, a kink! KINKA-CHUUUU!" I probably woke up my neighbors with my LOL!

Jun 7th, 11:29pm -
Apparently making your kid go to bed makes you a "meany-head." Preston Naughty-head + Callen Screamy-head = Mommy Meany-head.

Jun 8th, 6:45pm - Introducing Preston to the Lego Store! He's happy! http://twitpic.com/1v4rl2

Jun 8th, 9:13pm -
Not even three months old, but he burps like a MANNN! Whew, boy.

Jun 9th, 9:09am -
You know what I miss? Being stuck on Loop12 every morning. NOTTT! Bahahahah! Yay SAHM-hood!
Jun 10th, 1:26am - I made a mistake. I watched the pilot of Life Unexpected & I kinda liked it. Shiri's character is a radio jock! But... it's a CW show.
Jun 10th, 9:02am - Dear Lord, can there be significantly less poop today? That'd be a big help. Thanks.
Jun 10th, 11:21am -
Callen is three months old today! http://twitpic.com/1vk1g4

Jun 12th, 12:21pm - Preston saw a limo and said 'That guy must have a lot of kids!'

Jun 13th, 6:39pm -
Big plans for this evening: reading some books, puppet show, chalking on the driveway (when it cools down) & making cookies! Party on!

Jun 14th, 11:55am -
My child is nothing like me, he just asked if he could PLEASE do some math!

Jun 14th, 2:57pm - Next time I wanna take Preston to something fun remind me a) its too hot even if it is inside & b) he won't appreciate it anyway.

Jun 14th, 7:11pm -
Due to the fact that it seems like someone in this house (besides me) is always asleep, I'm pretty sure I've run out of "shhh."

Jun 15th, 10:14am -
Geez, could they be any sweeter? http://twitpic.com/1x0d59

Jun 16th, 10:21am -
Nothing a little waffles & turkey bacon can't fix. Oh, and coffee... a GIANT cup of coffee, of course!

Jun 16th, 11pm -
I hate that teaching my kid a lesson in consequences usually means missing out on stuff I wanna do too. #NoFunForAnyone

Jun 17th, 8:34am - Callen slept for 7-hours straight, a new record!

Jun 17th, 2:21pm -
OMG! Preston put himself to bed for naptime... we are freakin' going to the water park EVERY morning if that's what it takes!

Jun 19th, 10:33am -
has such seriously amazing & talented friends! You guys make me sick! Ok, just kidding, you make me proud to know you!

Jun 20, 4:22pm -
"You gonna pull them pistols, or whistle Dixie?" Finally got @mclarko to watch Josey Wales. Haha!

Jun 20, 9:29pm -
Around 4:30 this morning I went to get Callen for a feeding and he was on his back - I always put him to bed on his belly - he rolled over!!

Jun 23rd, 11:22pm -
Haha, I love my boys! http://twitpic.com/1zfblz

Jun 24th, 8:29pm -
Keep your wine & cheese... gimme Dr Pepper & chocolate!

Jun 27th - 12:53pm -
I have a very happy baby... probably because he's barfed on me, then pooped on me... twice. As long as he's happy...

Jun 28th, 9:48am -
Totally got fired from my work-at-home-job. Wow, never been fired before, but to get fired from a job at home? Ouch!

Jun 29th, 12:54am -
Got an old AudioA cover of a Petra song stuck in my head! "Taste & see that the Lord is good, He's got milk & honey for you! Come & dine..."
Jun 29th, 2:57pm -
Preston did soooooo good at swim class today! Paid attention, followed instructions & SWAM! So proud of him!

Jun 29th, 9:37pm -
A little young for a shave I think (Michael did it to him, don't worry). http://twitpic.com/214hr8