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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Callen's Birth Story...

Men and/or squeamish ladies beware - this is a birth story (though it most likely won't be too graphic).

"Little Brother" showed no signs of wanting to come any time soon when I went to my 40-week appointment on Thursday (3/04 - my due date!).  Dr. Kollar wanted to schedule an induction so that I wouldn't go over 40-weeks.  I wasn't exactly happy about that, but agreed to schedule it for the following Tuesday, truly hoping/praying/believing that the baby would start coming on his own before that and I wouldn't have to be induced.  Well, despite our best efforts... he did not come and Monday afternoon I started kinda freaking out.  I called and tried to cancel the induction appointment, but they didn't get my message.  The doctor's office called the next morning (the morning of the induction) and asked me to go get a sonogram so they could see how big the baby was and that everything was ok.  If everything was ok, I might get permission to push back the induction, so off I went.  The sonogram showed that baby was healthy.... VERY HEALTHY, his weight was estimated at around 9lbs, 6oz (and this was "plus or minus a pound"... meaning he could weight up to 10.5 lbs!!!).  Also, my amniotic fluid was lower than they liked.  So... of course those two things meant induction was imminent for that evening.  I was ok with it at that point, 'cause the idea of a 10.5 lb baby was down right scary!  My doctor explained that he most likely hadn't come on his own yet because he just might not "fit" due to his size.  Oh.My.Gosh!  This put "c-section" into my mind and I was pretty much completely freaked out by that.  I wanted this birth to be as natural as possible, and I was already starting off by being induced and now... a c-section was on the table as a probable option?  Not cool.  Oh, forgot to say that off and on during the day I was having tiny braxton-hicks contractions... nice try, baby.

So, Preston went to stay with Grandma and Grandpa Clark for the nite, and we headed to the hospital (stopping for Chick-Fil-A on the way... mmm, nuggets).  We got settled in around 6:15 and Dr. Kollar showed up to check me... still at a 1, 50% effaced... baby still wasn't interested in coming on his own.  I was given the med (cytotec or something to that effect) around 8pm and within 10 minutes I was having obvious contractions.  They continued getting stronger as the evening progressed.  My parents showed up just to sit around and watch tv with us as I contracted.  At 12:30am I was still only dilated to a 2 and received more med.  The contractions came stronger and faster.  I tried all the various positions, nothing really worked throughout the nite.  I got in the shower and after about 20 minutes, the contractions were super strong and close together, and I was seriously tired.  Michael was doing a really great job as a coach, getting me through each contraction, assuring me I could do it when I said I couldn't and/or didn't want to anymore.  The nurse that was with me was also really awesome, a big help. But after powering through that for a while, I couldn't take it any more and called for pain medication.  I got the pain medication "to take the edge off" around 5am and I was instantly dopey, but also able to get through the contractions.  I really didn't want to take the meds, 'cause I said, I wanted to go as naturally as possible and I had already been induced, now I was "cheating" with the pain medication, but honestly... now I'm glad I did it when I did.  It gave me the brief rest (and enough delirium - man, it felt so weird - I guess that's what being drunk is like?) I needed to get through the pushing that was only minutes away.  It was like time lapsed... I know Dr. Kollar broke my water and within minutes I felt the baby engage and I needed to push.  Actually the first time I pushed, Dr. Kollar was out of the room and the nurse was like "go ahead" so I did.  Then Dr. Kollar came running in and was like "wait, that sounded like a push scream, not just a contraction scream... are you pushing without me?  WAIT!" and she rushed to get her stuff on and together...it was slightly funny at the moment.  The pushing didn't take long at all, I think I might have pushed maybe 8 times and he was out.  I couldn't believe it, after the contractions going allll nite long, the pushing part was fast and "easy."  My mom and dad has been out in the waiting area since I took the shower and had the worsening contractions - they didn't know it was "time" or anything, but apparently I was screaming so loud they heard me out there.  Haha.  I didn't scream at all having Preston, but this time around it felt like the only thing that would help... and I guess it did.  He was born at 5:54am.He came out and they put him on my chest and all I could think/say was "it's over, he's here!"  Then I was completely clear headed (from the fog of the med) and felt no pain/tiredness/anything at all.  It was amazing. 

Callen Levi was NOT 10.5 lbs, thank God!  He was 8 lbz, 4.6 oz and 20.5 inches long... just perfect (Preston was 7lbs, 4oz, 20 1/4 inches long).  He was perfectly healthy, no breathing problems like Preston (thank you, Jesus!) and because I had been there so long he didn't have to have any meds (I tested postive for Group B Strep, so while I was there all nite, I had two rounds of antibiotics for that - he didn't need any).  They cleaned him up a little, did their thing while my doctor did her thing to me...and gave him right back... he latched on after just a few tries and fed well right away.

Warning! Gross part!: Michael ran across the street and brought back donuts and I scarfed down a piggy, which ended up being a big mistake.  When I finally got up from the bed to head for the bathroom, there was so much blood and that donut didn't sit well, I yakked.  The nurse was impressed at my reflexes, 'cause I felt it coming, snatched up the trashcan across the room and made no mess for her.  What can I say?  I'm an expert ralpher.  I felt much better after that, though.  Haha.

Got moved to the regular room by 8am and settled in.  Unfortunately we were to be there for longer than I wanted.  I had discussed with my doctor about being let out after 24 hours, and she said that would be fine since everything was smooth... but it was ultimately up to the pedi who looked over Callen.  He said that since I had tested positive for Group B, the baby had to stay 48 hours.  BOOOOO!  So, we were in for another nite.  I have to say that this hospital was a million times better than the one I had Preston at.  However, I didn't want to spend more time there than necessary.  All three days there was construction going on consistantly... with two of the days having guys on scaffolding right at my window off and on ALL day.  It was rather ridiculous.  The food was good, though... and I watched a lot of cable TV... haha. 

Seriously... crazy!

The first day Callen's blood sugar levels were low, and they watched them (and poked him, poor baby) very closely... but eventually it rose enough that they left us alone.  He had to have one small syringe full of formula at one point to help supplement the breast milk (which wasn't in yet, obviously), but he was great after that.  Then, the whole having to stay 'cuz of the Group B thing.  And on the third morning (Fri) there was some concern about his jaundice level.  Sigh.  Thankfully, the pedi agreed to let us go that morning... however it took the nurse in charge of me like 4 more hours to get her stuff together and get us out the door.  Super frustrating, but finally free... we got home around 11am on Friday. 

Like most newborns, Callen sleeps most of the time, is hungry most of the time and is pooping and peeing like a pro.  Haha.  Preston is very sweet with him, talks in a small voice to him and sings to him.  He is at the age where is very fond of Daddy, so he's enjoying all the extra Daddy attention for sure.  I think Preston and Callen are gonna be good friends.

In comparison, this is Preston.

This is Callen.  They are brothers!

Playing together:

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