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Monday, March 8, 2010

When will "Little Brother" make his appearance?

[Originally posted Monday, February 22nd at 11:48AM]
This was a lot of fun four years ago when I did it with Preston, so let's try it again....

For the record: My due date is Thursday, March 4th. 

History: Preston's first due date was December 3rd, then moved to the 5th, he came on the 4th.

FYI: I don't plan on being induced or anything like that if I can help it (unless he stays in there tooooo long), I want to go as naturally as possible so I don't have a set date... completely open to whenever he decides to come.

When do you think Baby Boy Clark #2 will be born?
Monday, February 22nd -
Tuesday, February 23rd -
Wednesday, February 24th -
Thursday, February 25th - Mary
Friday, February 26th -
Saturday, February 27th - Darlene, Kenzi
Sunday, February 28th - Jill
Monday, March 1st - Rosie, Val, Lindsay, Abbie
Tuesday, March 2nd - Kristen, Trish
Wednesday, March 3rd - David L., Payge, Candi
Thursday, March 4th - Jade, Leah, Jen, Alison, Kathy
Friday, March 5th - David D., Joel
Saturday, March 6th - Mel, Becca
Sunday, March 7th - David T.
Monday, March 8th -
Tuesday, March 9th - Sarah, Jordan
Wednesday, March 10th - CALLEN WAS BORN (and no one picked this date, haha!)
Beyond? -  Brenda (Mar 12th), Melissa (Mar 15th)

[EDIT: Added Fri., March 5th at 11:54am]
Due date came and went.  Doctor let me know yesterday that there is still no progression... but I am hopeful he comes this weekend.  If he doesn't, I have a scheduled induction on the evening of Tuesday, March 9th... so at least there's an end in sight.  But HOPEFULLY he comes on his own this weekend! [/EDIT]

[EDIT: Added Mon., March 8th at 9:55pm]
Still no baby yet.  I've had some tightness and what could be contractions, but nothing consistent enough to be real labor.  As the scheduled induction rapidly approaches, I have changed my mind... I do not want to be induced.  I called and left a message for my doctor this afternoon asking her to cancel the appointment, but didn't get a returned call.  I'll try again tomorrow.  I hope that she agrees with me and lets me hold off at least a few more days.  I really want to go naturally, and starting off the labor by chemically inducing contractions does not sound good to me at all.  I thought scheduling the induction for Tuesday evening would surely give this little guy enough time to come on his own, but apparently he's just not ready yet.  I don't want to rush him, would like to at least give him a few more days to work up the courage to venture out.  So, we'll see what happens when I talk to the doctor tomorrow about it.  Once again, everything is up in the air, but I'm much more confident in NOT getting induced than I am in going through with it at this point. [/EDIT]

[EDIT: Added Fri., March 12th at 9:35pm]
Well, I WAS induced after all, and Callen Levi Clark was born on 03/10/10 - story to come! [/EDIT]

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