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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Callen Levi - 5 months old!

Man, 5 months already?  I know I say that every month, but geez... sooooo fast!  I'm trying to remember what he's started doing this month, but it all kinda runs together.  He's rolling over for sure.  Blowing raspberries, and grabbing hold of anything that dares come near him!  I've given him some rice cereal, which is LOVES!  He is so interested in everything we put in our mouths, he wants it all!  He still nurses ALL the time, such a little piggy!  He slept for 8-9 hours straight three nites in a row, I was hoping that'd be his new normal, but it was only those three days.  It's still not bad even when he wakes up usually, though, 'cause he'll eat and go right back to sleep.  So... I can handle that.  He's developed a big belly laugh... especially when Preston is being crazy or Daddy makes funny noises.  Example:

He's so stinkin' adorable, it's hard not to just stare at him all day. 

Sooo sweet!

Blowing raspberries, he's always a slobbery mess!

In the 'bus' (Preston's driving), they're both making crazy noises at the same time. What a duo!  Haha!

Happy boy playing outside.

Rice cereal!

Love my boys!!!

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Rosanna said...

I wasn't hiding things from you. Just one of the perks of having blogger I guess. It hasn't been officially announced anyway! We are just adding content so when it's official, everyone has something to read. hahah! You made me laugh so hard!