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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prestonisms on Measurements & Eyesight...

Preston got out his tool box and was playing with the tape measure.  He turned to me, held up the tape measure and said (very matter of fact, of course), "Mom, you're 50 meat-eaters tall."
"Meat-eaters?  Really?" I giggled.
"Yes, meat-eaters.  Just kidding.  Dinosaurs are really big so you're only 2 meat-eaters tall."


The other day Michael was trying to show Preston, who was sitting right next to him, something on the laptop.  Michael was trying to adjust the screen so Preston could view it.  Preston sighed, "Dad, it's just not see-able in my sight."

[Preston used to have his own Xanga page where I kept track of his funny business.  The kid is so smart that  when he does misspeak it's usually hilarious.  Or sometimes he's too smart for his own good.  Since I've moved over to Blogger, I'll just post his new Prestonisms here.]


Joanne said...

He knows the metric system... he IS smart!

Jill said...

Nice! :)