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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 2010 Tweets to Remember...

Aug 1st, 10:02am - Everyday when Preston goes to get dressed he asks "Is it STILLLLLLL Summer outside today?" Yes, child, it is, and I'm sorry.

Aug 1st, 1:53am - 13 cereal, 6 poptart, 1 nutrigrain = $12 @ Albertsons w/deal & coupons! http://twitpic.com/2ar049

Aug 1st, 7:35pm - A lot on the agenda this evening, but so far all I've done is sit and feed the baby for an hour... really, baby?

Aug 1st, 9:06pm - Walked in to find Preston telling Callen the story of David being chosen as king, from Sunday school this morning. Soooo sweet!

Aug 2nd,  5:42pm - has an awesome husband who can take care of the boys when I'm away, even when poop happens!! :)

Aug 3rd, 10:23am - Happy birthday @powerfm , so glad our station goes all the way to ELEVEN! 11 years old, that is. =)

Aug 4th, 3:56pm - Kids are working against me again today... what's the deal? They seem so cute & sweet...

Aug 5th, 9:21am - Woke up & P said "I've been up for hours , your breakfast is over there!" Found a poptart (untoasted, whew!) waiting for me. Sweet of him!

Aug 5th, 6:39pm - Mmm, rice cereal (his 1st, he likes it!) http://twitpic.com/2bxs4o

Aug 6th, 12:39am - Whoa, I'm married to a 32-yr-old now! Holy moo cows! Happy birthday, @mclarko !!!

Aug 6th, 4:44pm - won tix to all the remaining #Rangers home games for Michael, thanks to @CentennialRoof ing. Happy birthday, hubby!

Aug 7th, 9:24am - It took five tries to get my shirts on correctly this morning... is that a sign? Yikes! Heading out anyway...

Aug 8th, 6:30pm - I need a nap. Wonder if the kids would notice if we all just went to bed 5 hours early?

Aug 9th, 10:06am - Preston woke up, came in here & said "I'm escaping, gonna go live at Grandma's!" & headed for the door. Wow, good morning to you too!

Aug 10th, 3:17pm - Risk of taking a shower: one kid wakes & screams the whole time while other kid was never asleep & pees all over himself. #ShowerFAIL

Aug 10th, 5:53pm - So, I just put a meatloaf in the oven, thought hey this is gonna take a while... So we're off to @Chickfila for family night instead!

Aug 11th, 9:26am - World domination, here I come! Or... at least a cup of coffee. Yeah, lets start w/that. @NescafeUSA & @Coffee_mate , let's do this!

Aug 11th, 12:10pm - Starting on some math. http://twitpic.com/2dquq0

Aug 12th, 11:23am - Dear Dude riding a bicycle down the main (busy!) street while trying to hold a giant CASE of Shiner, really?!??

Aug 13th, 11:32pm - Had a sleeping baby until Nelly hit that game winning homer, now he's WIDE awake & has no interest in going back to sleep. Thanks Rangers!

Aug 14th, 9:00am - I like having my husband around in the morning, except it means he hasn't slept yet & will need to sleep all the rest of the day. :( 

Aug 14th, 4:29pm - Went to a homeschool informational meeting today hosted by the local GP HS group & it reminded me how excited I am to be doing this!

Aug 14th, 8:53pm - Got to run around in the sprinklers with Preston & Callen... ahh, yes, the simple things!

Aug 15th, 6:59pm - Brother Preston is soooo funny! http://twitpic.com/2f5l6o

Aug 16th, 5:22pm - RT @wfaaweather: I'M SICK OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 17 days in a row at or above 100 and 23 days this season at or above 100. @*%&#@! // Delkus!

Aug 17th, 2:22pm - Why, yes, that WAS me chasing the garbage man down the street. It is an exciting life I lead these days!

Aug 18th, 1:17pm - Listening to Preston plot. He's trying to figure out how to get the balloon he lost to our high ceiling. Such big ideas he has!

Aug 18th, 9:20pm - Went to Sprouts and stocked up on fruits, veggies... and blueberry yogurt covered pretzels?

Aug 19th, 1:05pm - A little old lady at the store asked Preston if he was helping his daddy. And by daddy, she meant me. #Ouch

Aug 21st, 10:05am - Was up every 1-2 hours all nite. Now that I'm actually awake, Callen is sleeping peacefully. Yep.

Aug 21st, 1:02pm - Groceries took FOREVER because EVERYONE in that store had to come see the baby. Wowzers! People sure love babies! 

Aug 21st, 8:39pm - Enjoyed spending time w/my mom & dad (&BBQ) this afternoon, now watching Callen scooting backward across the floor! Go kiddo! 

Aug 22nd, 6:45pm - Dear A/C - Why can't you just WORRRRRKKKKIK???? You've been fixed three times in the past month, and yet... you don't work. Not happy. 

Aug 23rd, 9:35pm - My current view... http://twitpic.com/2hmxha

Aug 23rd, 11:43pm - No "Mother of the Year" awards coming my way soon, just lost it over tooth-brushing. =(

Aug 24th, 2:18pm - Preston invited Callen to play in his room, so we put him in the walker in there & they are having so much fun together!

Aug 24th, 8:24pm - A/C update: Back out today, found 2 leaks, why they didn't find 'em before, I dunno... SHOULD be fixed now!

Aug 24th, 8:37pm - Hubby brag: @mclarko made us breakfast-dinner (blueberry pancakes!), is patiently playing Wii w/Preston & has helped w/Callen a lot today!

Aug 26th, 11:38am - Preston is running around w/a beanbag chair on his back pretending to be a turtle, Callen is blowing slobbery raspberries on the floor. =)

Aug 26thm 11:39am - Y'know, just in case you were wondering what's going on in my world. Haha!!

Aug 26th, 2:40pm - I do believe I'll be adding 'expert booger extractor' to my resume. 

Aug 27th, 3:14pm - Dear Sweet Children of Mine, why are you trying to give me a nervous breakdown? 

Aug 28th, 11:04am - I must always look like a damsel in distress trying to get in & out of places w/this stroller, or a dude in distress maybe?

Aug 28th, 1:02pm - We eat lunch, he eats the star toy on his walker. Nomz! http://twitpic.com/2j26g1

Aug 28th, 9:22pm - In our backyard. http://twitpic.com/2j6zk0

Aug 29th, 8:30pm - Preston & I just made Hot Fudge Pudding Cake.... sounds ridiculously amazing, doesn't it? It is. http://twitpic.com/2jjecx

Aug 30th, 9:02pm - It's official, Callen is rolling front-to-back and back-to-front and allllmost sitting up by himself. #BabiesGrowTooFast

Aug 31st, 4:02pm - I just found a booger on Callen's head. He is, in fact, a booger head! I knew it!


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