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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Officially a Soccer Mom...

Preston started soccer last week.  It's indoor pre-k soccer, and it's hilarious.  Our practice days are Monday, but the first week the Monday was a holiday (Labor Day) so we were supposed to practice outside on Tuesday.  Then, it rained all day Tuesday, so we went for a 30-minute meeting/practice.  Basically, they spent 20 minutes "warming up" and 2 minutes kicking the ball.  No rules, no instructions, no 'object of the game' type lesson.  Then, Saturday was their first game.  Oh my!  Again... it was hilarious!  The kids were everywhere, going the wrong way, using their hands... it was madness.  But adorable, sweet madness.

Preston's uniform was way too big, and he was obsessively afraid that his shorts would fall off.  He spent pretty much the entire game holding onto his shorts.  He wasn't really able to keep up with where the ball was at any particular time, but mostly just ran (hopped, danced, wandered) around behind everyone else.  At one point, he ran off the court and said he was "tired of this game."  Oh dear.

This week's practice was better, so hopefully Preston does less dancing and holding of the shorts, but... oh well, at least the parents all get a good laugh out of all our kids running around like banshees!

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