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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Remedy Drive Concert 09/29/10

Over the past two years I have posted about the band Remedy Drive many, many times.  I found their music at a time in my life when I really needed to hear something about hope and perseverance, and by golly... they were just what I needed!  I found out on Monday that they were going to be in town on Wednesday evening, and I quickly texted my mom to see if she wanted to go...she did!  I recently used their songs during my Shear Hope event and passed the CD along to my mom to listen to, and she also found the message of hope in their music!  I was so excited.  It's been nearly two years since that first time I saw them in concert (I always miss them when they come through, but have had the opportunity to interview them or talk to them at the station a few times since then... and I've listened to their CD over and over and over and over...).

The concert was at White's Chapel in Southlake.  There was a pretty small turn out, but that it a pretty intimate experience.  Despite the microphone not working at all through the entire first song (and David, the lead singer having NO idea it wasn't working, haha!), the show was great.  Afterwards, Mom and I were headed out to the car and we ran into David.  He recognized from Power FM and we stopped to chat for a bit.  My mom got to tell him how much their music helped through the recent passing of my grandmother.  He was very kind and humble, as usual.  It was a great evening... except for the part where Callen (yes, Callen got to go to the concert too) screamed all the way home in the car. Haha!

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