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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Wrap Up...

Sad to say that Thanksgiving has come and gone already.  Man, I love me some Thanksgiving.  But, we have Preston's birthday coming up this Saturday, then mine next week and, of course, Christmas RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!  So, I can't dwell on the fact that Thanksgiving is over.  But, I can re-cap some stuff and offer some pictures for memory's sake.

First of all, I was pretty excited and satisfied with the homeschool work we did based on Fall and Thanksgiving.  I had a lot of fun putting it together and coming up with all kinds of stuff.  Or, well, ok... stealing, err... borrowing stuff that people already came up with and offered to share on the internet.  I still had to search for it and print it and all that, so... yeah.  Anyway, we read through the Pilgrims' story, we discussed Pilgrims & Indians, we saw a Native American storyteller at the library, we did lots of crafts and worksheets and turkey things and leaf things and thankful things.  Basically, lots of things.  See?

On Thanksgiving day we had dinner over at The Clarks'... everything was yummy!  Friday we took it easy, stayed away from the crazy Black Friday shoppers and stores.  And Saturday we had another Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house, along with my Grandma Evelyn and Aunt Brenda.  More yummy food there!

It went by so quickly, was such a blur. I'm sad that it's over and gone with, and that the memories fade so quickly. But I know the time we spend with the ones we love will be cherished forever. I'm so very thankful to have such an amazing family!

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Grandma Jill said...

Love those pictures! Tell Preston he does good work. I'd like to come over and take a look at some of it in person. :)