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Saturday, January 1, 2011

December 2010 Tweets To Remember...

1st, 12:03am - Well, hello December!!!

1st, 8:34pm - Taking down the Fall decor wasn't nearly as depressing as I thought it'd be, just means that in a few days I get to bust out Christmas! 

3rd, 9:34am - Yeah, it's kind of a big deal! http://twitpic.com/3ci8w3

4th, 8:43am - Look out world, he's 5! Happy birthday, Preston! http://twitpic.com/3cu0ab

5th, 10:44am - Attended the early service at GFC (Michael got to go to church!), now headed East for a fun Christmas surprise!

5th, 1:01pm - Found the right one for us! http://twitpic.com/3d8yze

6th, 1:21pm - This weekend felt like a vacation & today is going so well! I could get used to this (and hopefully I will!).

7th, 11:08am - Oh my goodness, Callen was up pretty much all nite and would cry if I laid him down or laid/sat down WITH him. #GonnaNeedLotsOfCoffeeToday

9th, 8:44pm - Happy birthday to me! My mom got me a Kindle! #SpoiledMuch http://twitpic.com/3ei03r

10th, 12:22am - Thirty, huh? Bring it. 

12th, 11:26pm - is having a diaper bag dilemma. Yes, I know... my life is difficult, huh?

13th, 10:31am - Cookie for breakfast? Yum! http://twitpic.com/3fm44g

14th, 4:21pm - Dear @Sunchips, your compostable bag makes it completely impossible to sneak a snack while my baby is sleeping on me. Now he wants one!

15th, 9:27am - Alrite, I've had breakfast, I've had coffee, Callen is playing in his cage (I mean pack'n'play)... commence Christmas present wrapping!

15th, 11:15am - Um, I suck at wrapping presents. And at rapping too, for that matter. Oh well, if the box is covered, that counts, right?

16th, 11:11am - I don't have glitter, popsicle sticks OR pipe cleaners in the house! What kind of mother-of-a-five-year-old am I?!?!

16th, 1:58pm - Dear UPS Man, if I attack you when I see you, it's nothing personal...you just have the Xmas cards I'm eager to get sent right back out!

16th, 4:33pm - Drat you, school bus, for sounding the like the UPS truck! I got all ready for attack! For nothing.

16th, 6:02pm - Um... the UPS man must read my tweets, 'cause he drove right past my house... quickly. NOOOOOO!!!

17th, 11:39am - Preston built a fort & is trying to lure Callen inside, he made a trail of Puffs leading into the fort... it's almost working.

19th, 11:14pm - Gearing up for all kinds of It's-Officially-Winter and more Christmas fun this week! #ImAHomeschoolMomAndCanTeachWhatIWant

20th, 8:41am - Preston woke up with fever, Callen was up 3 times with toof pains... it's gonna be a day, I can tell.

20th, 5:00pm - High fever = trip to CareNow for Preston. I get really anxious 'cuz we've done the febrile seizure thing before, prayers please!

21st, 11:21am - Why do they even MAKE medicine that tastes that bad? Poor Preston (and poor ME for having to force him to take it!). Ughhhh. 

21st, 2:14pm - Dear First Day of Winter... Really? You're going to make me turn my A/C on? REALLY?!?! 

21st, 4:56pm - Doing snowman sheets & crafts in 85-degree-weather on the 1st day of Winter is rather disheartening. Sorry, Frosty, we drew u as a puddle.

22nd, 1:47pm - is the world's worst mother/wife when it comes to sickness. I'm sorry, family.

23rd, 11:45am - Watching Jeopardy! with my family on Christmas Eve Eve Morning, love it. Now if only it wasn't just 'cause they were sick... 

23rd, 10:39pm - Made it to Interlochen... Just before its about to shut down. http://twitpic.com/3iygv5

24th, 3:06pm - is thankful for a mother she can call up with silly cooking/baking questions. Yay, mom to the rescue!

24th. 6:35pm - Enjoyed a yummy Tex-Mex Christmas Eve dinner with my folks & fam, heading to GFC for service. Merry Christmas Eve, y'all!

25th, 11:58am - Happy 1st Christmas, baby! http://twitpic.com/3jrdno

25th, 7:38pm - has had a lovely Christmas... thank you to all my family - you guys are the best! Thanks to Jesus, for being born! =) Merry Christmas! 

26th, 8:22pm - Callen got all kinds of new, fun toys but all he's interested in are the cords, plugs and crumbs on the floor - he's into EVERYTHING!

27th, 7:43pm - Watching Despicable Me & letting my tummy rest from dinner so I can have hot cocoa & pie! Mmm, Mom's chocolate-pecan pie!

28th, 11:58am - is wondering what the Lord is up to. Either way, 2011 is looking 1000x better than 2010 so far! Excited for possibilities! 

29th, 3:36pm - We just spent the last hour or so singing along to old school Relient K & John Reuben. Now Preston has "Do Not" stuck in his head, LOL!

30th, 9:54am - Praying for His will, 'cause He knows best - I certainly have no idea what I'm doing!

30th, 11:10am - I see two teeny slivers of top teeth poking through Callen's gums. FINALLY something to show for all these weeks of suffering!!!

30th, 4:47pm - On a walk with Batman! #fb http://twitpic.com/3lbxpf

30th, 11:01pm - Ummmm.... we switched channels in time to see the ball drop...but there was no ball drop on the tv. WHAT?!?!?! 

My 20 most tweeted words from December 2009 to December 2010:
Happy New Year, ya'll!  It's 1-1-11... isn't that crazy?!?!  Praying for an amazing year, I think we all deserve it after surviving 2010!  Thank you, Lord, for another go 'round!

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