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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Prestonisms on Brotherly Love, School & Lunch Demands

The other day, we were watching The Jungle Book when Jill and Steve came over.  Grandma took Callen outside in the front yard for some fresh air, while Preston stayed mesmerized by the movie.  When suddenly...

Preston: Um... excuse me, can you pause it!  PAUSE IT!
Me: What?  Why?  You need to go potty?
Preston: No, it's just... my brother is outside so I must be outside too!

It was pretty cute to see that as soon as he realized Callen wasn't within his view, he was concerned and needed to be with him.


The other day we were out at lunch with my mom, the waitress was making conversation with Preston...

Waitress: How old are you?
Preston: Five.
Waitress: Oh, are you in school?
Preston: Yes.
Waitress:  What do you think of school, do you like it?
Preston: Yes. I'm homeschooled.
My Mom: He's taught at home so he doesn't really know what school is like.
Preston: Yeah, they don't teach about Jesus... that's all I know!

LOL! That's my boy!


Me: What would you like for lunch today?
Preston: Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich... :::evil grin:::  IN THE SHAPE OF A PIRATE SHIP! Muwahahah!
Me: Um, oh...kay then.

I tried... but ended up just making it in the shape of a little lame boat with a flag.  But, he didn't care, was impressed nevertheless.

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Jill said...

Those are great Prestonisms, Preston. We love it! :)