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Monday, March 21, 2011

Photo Prompt Challenge, #5: Your Day

Your day.
My boys never allow for a dull moment!

A quick rundown of my day looks a little something like this:

My phone alarm goes off at 6:15am, I check to see if Michael is up and getting ready for work.  We've had a few scares where he slept through his alarm, so I am the backup... must make sure he gets up and off!  Then, I usually fall back asleep till 7:30 or 8am.  Of course, I've already been up a time or two with Callen, and at this point he is most likely already in bed with me anyway.  If he's not, I get up and take a shower.  If he is, we get up and start getting ready for breakfast, waking Preston up by 8:30 at the latest.  Sometimes we watch cartoons/check email before we have breakfast and do school.  Sometimes we go straight to breakfast and school.  Either way, school is usually finished up by 10:30 or 11am with a few bits and pieces to finish up during the rest of the day.  We chill, watch cartoons, play in the floor, read blogs, facebook, email, etc.  If I'm not already showered, I do that while the boys are playing nicely (or Callen is taking a nap), then get them all dressed and ready for the day.  Preston is a big fan of being in his PJs, so that's why all the pictures of him doing school work usually have him PJ'd.  I figure as long as he cooperates with the lessons, I don't care if he's dressed or not.  At some point around 12:30pm or so, we'll have lunch and attempt to tidy up a little.  There's more playing, hanging out, whatever, and around 2pm, I TRY to get the boys to both take naps.  I usually fail with Preston, and we'll fight for an hour (sadly, I'm serious).  If I get them to nap, I catch up on one of my shows (not my 'stories' now, I'm talking about Chuck or Parenthood here, haha), do some housework, blog, chat with Rosie, whatever.  Then, about the time they're getting up, Michael gets home from work, unless he's working his second job (then he usually doesn't come home until 9pm or so).  I'll scrounge up some dinner, we'll play (inside or out), watch TV, tidy up a little, then start bedtime prep.  Callen's prep starts at 8, with him down around 8:30.  Preston gets to stay up till about 9, then his prep starts, with him in bed by hopefully 9:30pm.  Then I do another round of picking up toys and discarded clothes or what not, see if the kitchen is still in working order, and collapse on the couch, try to do some reading or spend some time talking to my husband.  I am usually worn out by 11pm, but don't usually get to bed till midnite.

So, now you know WAY more about my day than you ever wanted to.  What an exciting life I lead as a SAHM, eh?  =)

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