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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Reason Why (Faith Makes Sense) by Mark Mittelberg Review

This book is actually a re-make.  I know that sounds weird when referring to a piece of written word, but hear me out.  Nearly 100 years ago a business man by the name of Robert A. Laidlaw wrote out some thoughts on faith and distributed this pamphlet to his employees.  Though the term was not coined back then, the literature went "viral."  Fast forward to present day, and while Laidlaw's points and theories are still sound, the language he speaks... isn't quite as easy to follow.  That's where Mark Mittelberg steps in with his version of The Reason Why.  He acts as a translator for the 21st Century reader, and brings the examples and language a modern adaptation.  This book is written so that Christian, non-Christian and those caught in the middle have a very concise, easy to understand guide as to why believing and following Jesus just makes sense.  Mittelberg explains why we need faith, the facts surrounding why the Bible can be trusted as fact, why Jesus had to die and what you can do with this information if you choose to.

I like that this book presents the facts and addresses the questions of faith in a very clear, comprehensible format.  It is respectful of other beliefs, but gently suggests why the Christian faith in God is not a crutch or fairy-tale.  For the non-Christian, or the reader who just isn't sure what they believe, it gives great examples, Scriptures, and hard facts that Jesus is the Savior, who came, died and rose again so that we might live freely in forgiveness.  He paints a perfect picture as to why He had to die for us, and explains in a way I've never heard before but completely puts it in perspective!  I have not read Laidlaw's work, but I can say that Mittelberg does a fantastic job of writing a book that can be of great use to anyone who wishes to have conversations with doubters.  There are many answers to refer to in this book!

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