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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Case of the Missing Laminator...

Back in December, I bought myself a laminator for Christmas. Got it on Amazon, on sale for $16.99, and since I had Amazon credit... I paid a whopping 2cents for it!  I was thrilled.  Only, I didn't really use it but maybe three times, when in early April... I killed it.  I was laminating a project that Preston was doing for Easter, and the laminating pouch rolled up inside the machine.  I called 3M to see if they had any suggestions, and was told... nope, it's dead.  The project and the machine were done for.  I killed it good!  Since I had it longer than the manufacturer's warranty allowed for, I figured... well, I lost 2cents, I'll just have to buy another one.  But, the nice lady at 3M was all "Send your machine in so we can check it out.  If it can be fixed, we'll fix it and send it back... if not, THIS ONE TIME, we'll send you a replacement."  Yay!

Fast foward one month (to May 25th), and I still hadn't heard anything about my machine or received a replacement.  Preston's Kindergarten is complete, and I want to start working on stuff for First Grade.  Stuff that involves laminating!  I call up 3M to get a status update, and the lady is confused... "we shipped that out on May 6th... you still haven't received it?"  Me: "Uhhh, no."  So, she got the tracking number, and we both looked it up.  According to UPS it was delivered on May 11th, signed for by our neighbor.  Hmm, ok.  I walked next door to our sweet neighbors that sign for and bring over our packages quite often.  They have been remodeling their home, so I'm thinking it just got misplaced in the shuffle.  Nope, she didn't have any idea about a package that was delivered two weeks before... and they usually bring our stuff over right away, or leave it by their front door for us.  I believe them, obviously, they've been great neighbors for 8 years!  

So, I called 3M back, and they said they'll do some further digging, get UPS to track it some more, etc.  Meanwhile, I do my own investigation.  I suddenly remembered that our homeschool curriculum box came around that time.  I looked up the tracking info on that, and yes... it was delivered the same day, the tracking info was exactly the same (delivered on this day, at this time, signed by our neighbor)!  And our neighbors brought that over as soon as we got home that evening... why wouldn't they have brought over the laminator at the same time?  See, wasn't their fault!  I'm thinking the UPS man delivered the curriculum and they signed for it, and the signature was posted for both items even though he only delivered one.  Meaning the laminator was obviously lost at some point.

Another call to 3M to see if UPS tracking found any additional info... and they didn't.  Just said our neighbor signed for it, so they must have it.  But, the lovely folks at 3M are sending me ANOTHER machine anyway.  I totally wasn't expecting that... figured they'd tell me to take it up with my neighbor (though I truly believe there is nothing going on there!) and that'd be the end of it.  But, no... again, they went above and beyond.  Thank you, 3M!!!  She even said she'd overnight it, to make sure it got here quickly.  Well, that didn't happen, 'cause I waited a week (most of it was because of the holiday weekend, but it definitely didn't get overnighted)... but that's ok.  Because it's here.  And I can laminate again!  Good thing too, 'cause I had all these things laying around ready for lamination!  What?!  I'm a homeschool mom!  Lol!

I have no idea where that missing laminator got to... I mean, you'd think the UPS Man would have found it left on his truck at the end of the day or whatever.  I'm not sure how all that works, but seems simple enough to just bring it to me the next day.  But... nope, it's gone.  Maybe someone got a free laminator (perhaps Mr. UPS Man is a big fan of doing laminating projects?!?), maybe it got trashed, maybe it'll show up someday randomly and I can add to this post.  Haha!

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Kelly L said...

that is really strange... be sure to let us know if it pops up one day!
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