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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

The other day a stray leaf blew in through our front door.  It wasn't from our tree.  It was heart-shaped.  I showed it to Preston and asked what we should do with it.  His response: throw it away.  I had another idea!

Yep, we totally laminated it!  Turned it into a sweet card for Michael, from Preston (Clark).  Haha!

Happy Father's Day to a wonderful father, husband and friend.  We love you so much, and I can't imagine a life without you!  I love how both boys literally FREAK OUT the minute they hear the garage door going up... DADDY'S HOME!!!  They get so excited and can't wait to meet you as you come in the door, all worn out from working two jobs, 14 hours some days.  I appreciate that you give them their hugs and kisses and get down in the floor to play with them, even though I know you're tired.  I love when you send them pictures or videos on the phone so they can see you throughout the day.  Their faces light up and their smiles grow so big when they hear your voice or see your face.  I know that you hate that sometimes you go days without seeing them because of your schedule, but I pray that when they're older they will understand and appreciate your sacrifice as much as I do.  Thank you!  Happy Father's Day!

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Jill said...

I hope Michael read this. :)