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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lessons from a Birdfeeder...

Last week, Preston and I picked out a bird feeder, painted it, filled it with seed and hung it in our tree.  It was an interesting exercise and one that taught me something.  I need to reel in my control!  We painted it a bright green (it was called "Spinach," actually).  Preston did pretty good with the roller and the brush, but gave up too easy... so I took over and finished it up.  Like I usually do.  Mostly because I want to make sure it looks good. 
Then, I asked him if he wanted to paint a design on it.  Of course he did!  I asked him what color he wanted and he chose bright pink.  Not exactly what I was thinking, but I reminded myself this was his project and I need to let him do it.  He painted the word "birds" and then a bunch of scribbles below it.
Again, I had to remind myself, it's ok that it's not "pretty" or "perfect." It's what wants to do!

We hung it in our tree so that it was in front of our kitchen window and we'd be able to look out and see the birds!

So, he spent the rest of that day checking on it to see if any birds found it!  And, well, it's been over a week, and we haven't seen a single bird visiting the feeder.  Also, after a couple of rainstorms, the pink paint has all washed off!

Anyway, I learned that I have to let Preston do it himself.  I can't always take over and "fix it."  It's important for him to do the project himself.  I'm usually pretty good at that, but occasionally I want to do it for him so that it comes out right.  He's not going to learn (or enjoy it as much!) if I don't let it be his accomplishment!

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Lara M said...

I'm struggling with that, too. And my little guy is only 17 months. I find that allowing my self to enjoy messes (made out of love) is making it a little easier to let go, but I've got a long way to go! Good job with the bird house!