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Monday, August 1, 2011

Tweets to Remember, July 2011

Jul 1st - Hubby made blueberry pancakes, nice to have him home in the mornings! If only for the pancakes! =)

Jul 2nd - Enjoying our a/c, watching Francis The Talking Mule and loving life. Happy Saturday!

Jul 5th - Sad little lonely corner. Oh, the memories! Working All Request

Jul 8th - My 5 yrold has been wearing his brother's shorts that are size 12mth all day long (in public!) & I didn't even notice until just now!

Jul 10th - Every Sunday morning, without fail, tears flow, fits are thrown. It's not funny, Satan, stop it. We're going to church!

Jul 13th - My 7:30am alarm just went off. Funny thing is, I thought it was 7:30 about 45-min ago when I got up.

Jul 15th - Our Friday nites are always so exciting! Oh wait, no... that's not me, nevermind.

Jul 17th - Preston burst into tears of jealousy after seeing the kid get an awesome comic-book inspired room on Extreme Home Makeover.

Jul 19th - So, excited! I got the email today from that I'll be attending the conference (Dallas) as a blogger!

Jul 22nd - Dear Neighbor, if you don't wanna be seen in your underwear, might wanna go to the trouble of putting on pants before getting your paper.

Jul 23rd - I can finally have bacon flavored coffee!

Jul 25th - Rawr, rawr, rawr, rawwwwrrrr, rawr. Know what I mean?

Jul 28th - Yeah, head stuck in the bottom part of chair. He's fine now, but geez!

Jul 30th - Saturdays are for being lazy and watching The Monkees on TV. If u r doing anything else, u r doing it wrong.

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