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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tweets to Remember, August 2011

Aug 1st - Am I the only one who wakes up singing The Mike & Mati Show theme song? I mean, really? Anybody?

Aug 2nd - Yesterday was full of potentially good news (in 3 different areas of life even!), so praying they all come to fruition (and soon!).

Aug 2nd - I'm about to walk down to the mailbox. If you don't hear from me again soon, I probably spontaneously combusted because of the heat.

Aug 4th - Looking forward to catching up with a friend and letting the kids play (inside, in the dark, w/the A/C on full blast).

Aug 5th - So... how DO you keep a toddler from climbing up onto the kitchen table? I am at a loss at this point.

Aug 5th - Next year, we're schooling through the summer and breaking through the Fall. Hmph.

Aug 5th - Making this cake for Michael's bday is harder than I thought, it reminds me of my GML... the last time I made it was for her. =(

Aug 9th - I am the worst voice-mail-leaver ever. I get tongue-tied, lose my train of though, totally babble. What's the deal?

Aug 11th - Thinking the tub of blocks for Callen here in the kitchen was a bad idea. Kitchen floor = now constantly covered in crumbs & blocks!

Aug 12th - Congratulations! You did it! World's best cup of coffee!

Aug 12th - Dear Friday Nite, you used to be something awesome. Now you're just the same as every other evening 'round here. ?

Aug 13th - Under 90degrees? We r out for a walk/ride!

Aug 14th - It is not ok that it is 90 degrees INSIDE and out. Crap!

Aug 17th - Breakfast picnic & park time before it gets hot! It's nice out here!

Aug 20th - Sooo.... I hate it when I've lost something INSIDE my house. There are several things I KNOW are in here, but I can't find them! Grr!

Aug 28th - Oh my word, the boys are so loud this morning! But at least it's squeals of laughter & delight, I can't complain about that!

Aug 29th - Prestonism: "I sure hope my favorite color likes me too!"

Aug31st - Uh oh, Jade has taken over afternoon drive. Watch out, ya'll!

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