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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 2011 Tweets to Remember...

Oct 1st - Kids wanna play outside. They almost need a jacket. SQUEEEEE!

Oct 8th - Yay, got my Fall welcome sign up!

Oct 9th - Lights or no lights, we praise Jesus!

Oct 10th - How is it that I check every single pocket & there's always a tissue that still gets into the wash?! Grr!!

Oct 11th - GRRRRR!! Yeah, it's been one of THOSE mornings so far.

Oct 13th - Callen is demanding I put baseball on the tv NOW! "BALL! BALL! BALLLLLL!" Just a few more hours, Baby Bear! !

Oct 13th - Lol! I put cartoons on for Callen, he ran over, turned the tv off, sat down and cried. He really wants some baseball!

Oct 13th - Well, Callen was so upset about the game, that he came over and ripped the "I" and "O" keys off my laptop. Awesome.

Oct 15th - Hoooooly moo cows, World Series for the 2nd time in a row! Rock on, Rangers!

Oct 16th - Mario playing Mario. 

Oct 17th - Team Clark with Pumpkin Pancakes for the win! Go Brinner!

Oct 18th - Can u say "perfect?" yessss! 

Oct 19th - Me: "Preston, time to brush your teeth and get dressed." Preston: "WORST PART OF THE DAYYYYYY!"

Oct 23rd - Is it 'Ignore Red Lights' Sunday? 5 min drive to church, saw 2 ppl, 2 diff intersectons blow right throw stoplights. Yikes!

Oct 25th - I think a long, leisurely stroll through could put a cure to this melancholy.

Oct 26th - Preston says, "Well, how long would it take for them to fly back here and play the dang game?" Love that kid!

Oct 27th - The walk to the mailbox was chilly. SO HAPPY TO BE CHILLY!!!!

Oct 28th - It's only a game, it has no eternal significance. But... dangit!

Oct 29th - Jack'o'lantern, done.

Oct 31st - There has been way too much crying from both kids for a non-school day. Was thinking a "Fall break" this week would help.

Oct 31st - Two heroes, a knight & Super Mario!

Oct 31st - Saying cheese, eating queso with Grandpa at Abuelo's.

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