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Thursday, December 1, 2011

November 2011 Tweets to Remember...

Nov 1st - Started our Thankful Tree today, Preston's 1st leaf: Power FM. I swear I didn't coax him at all! We are thankful for @powerfm!

Nov 2nd - I said Are u still sleeping? He said Yeah. http://twitpic.com/79tylz

Nov 3rd - Please tell me I'm not the only one that loves that familiar smell of the heater coming on for the first time in 9 months!?!?!

Nov 6th - Love God's sense of humor. On a morning when I'm having such trouble with my own, I get to go love on kids that belong to other people.

Nov 10th - So... someone feel free to send some chocolate my way. There wasn't nearly enough in the kids' halloween haul to last. =/

Nov 12th - Just as I was feeling human again from a killer migraine.... the toddler stepped directly on my eyeball with all of his weight. What?!?!

Nov 16th - I just spent like half an hour doodling little Snoopy and Woodstock drawings. Um... don't I have things to do? YES!!!

Nov 17th - So, my boys and I just ate a whole box of Frosted Bite Size Shredded Wheat. There are worse things to have gorged on, I suppose.

Nov 18th - Was about to make kids turn off Cat In The Hat show, but it's under the sea, which is our science theme this week. Yay #homeschool!

Nov 18th - This: http://bit.ly/uueJjC is baking in my oven right now, smelling up my kitchen. I want to bathe in it. Is that weird? Lol.

Nov 18th - My sweet little pepper! @drpepper http://twitpic.com/7g2eig

Nov 22nd - Holy heck, it looks like there's a good chance @fiveironfrenzy is gonna raise the $30,000 they need to make a new record within 60mins!

Nov 24th - Watching the parades, and being thankful for our blessings! My sweet boys & hubby, our family & friends, God's grace!

Nov 24th - Enjoying the sound of my boys, husband and bro-in-law laughing at Snoopy wrestling with a chair on tv. Thanksgiving rocks!

Nov 24th - Callen says, "Bring on the feast!" http://twitpic.com/7j5w87

Nov 30th - Dumping a bunch of butterscotch chips into my hot cocoa.... best decision today. #Nomz

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