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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Playing Musical Beds...

So, for the past few months, Callen has been on the verge of discovering he could climb out (or FALL out!) of his crib.  Thankfully, he never did... but we initiated Project Find-Preston-A-Bed-So-We-Can-Move-Callen-Into-The-Toddler-Bed. Wow, that's a long name.  Anyway, after asking around, my mom and mother-in-law came to the rescue!  My mom's friend had an extra guest bed that they were looking to get rid of.  And the best part is, it's part of a bunk bed!  Yay!  So when we're ready for Baby #3 to inhabit the "nursery," we will have a bunk bed for the boys!  Love that!  And since my in-laws are moving, they said we could have the twin mattress off of their guest bed.  So, Preston is now officially in a twin bed.  Man, that thing looks gigantic in his room!  We just got it today, so he hasn't slept on it yet... but he's enjoying it so far.
Reading in his new bed!
Pretending to sleep in his new bed!

I took down the crib last nite (:::sob, sob:::) and put the toddler bed into Callen's room.  I was so nervous about how to get him to sleep in his bed.  I honestly don't remember much about this stage with Preston, though Preston was 20 months when we moved him to a toddler bed, and Callen is about to be 22 months.  I think Preston just slept in bed with me most of the time anyway 'cause Michael was working overnites.  Anyway, I didn't know what to expect with Callen last nite.  He seemed pretty excited, got all settled in, did his usual routine (he has a pretty funny bedtime routine, which consists of putting the book we read under his bed, along with his "Bob" (veggie tales) book and any other book he decides needs to go under there - sometimes a dinosaur book, sometimes Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - but always "Bob" and if "Bob" is missing, look out!  Anyway, then he usually wants a ball in his hand, and he has to be covered up along with his Stitch stuffed guy.  He pats Stitch night-night, and I have to too.  It's ridiculously adorable).  So anyway, he did alllll that and settled down, then the minute I turned the light off and started to walk away, he freaked out.  Screaming!  I soothed him, read him "Bob" again, did the whole routine over... nope, he wasn't having it.  So, I had to put the gate up in his door and walk away.  He screamed and cried for a while, and while I was getting Preston settled into bed it suddenly got quiet.  I figured he must have fallen asleep there at the gate, but when I checked on him, he was in his bed all covered up.  He must have given up and gotten into bed and went sleep.  Whew!  I heard him at the gate around 2am, but after just a few minutes, he went back to bed.  And then when Michael got up at 6am, he came to the gate and wanted out, but Michael told him to go back to sleep... I guess that worked, 'cause he didn't get back up till 8am!  

Nap time today was much the same.  He refused to stay in the bed after we did the routine, but I put up the gate and left him alone... he played for a few minutes with some toys, then it got quiet... when I checked on him, he was in bed all covered up, conked out.  So, I guess we're on the right track.  My goodness, they're growing up so fast!


Mary said...

Awwww- the big boy bed is bittersweet,

David and April Vinson said...

Whew! No easy transition! Congrats, though! Glad it went well! :)