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Monday, February 6, 2012

Switched! by Billy Myers Review

Switched! is the fifth title in the "TJ and the Time Stumblers" series written by Bill Myers.  We had not read the previous books, but were quickly and easily brought up to speed with what we needed to know to understand the current story.  Apparently TJ Finkelstein is destined to become a great leader, and a couple of goof-ball teen travel back from the 23rd century to do a history report on her.  Only they cause way more trouble than anything else and send TJ off into all kinds of bizarre adventures.  In this particular book, a mishap with a "Thought Broadcaster Pen" causes TJ to switch bodies with the person she despises the most!  And, of course, chaos ensues.

My son was a little young for this particular type of book, which I think is probably best suited for tween girls, but he found parts to be absolutely hysterical (a giant crab with sunglasses?! everyone suddenly losing track of who's who?!).  I read it aloud to him, one chapter per night, and personally was a bit annoyed by the so-called humor and the use of adjectives as last names ("Mr. Hatemijob").  But then, I don't fit the demographic for this type of book either.  Again, I'm thinking a tween girl would find this book amusing and interesting, as there is also just the slightest hint of a love story there.

The overlying message of the story, however, is a good one: the importance of forgiveness.  It is weaved into the story on multiple levels, though not overly shoved down your throat.  I enjoyed that at the end of the story, TJ learns to be forgive and keep on forgiving even when it's difficult - that is certainly a lesson we all need to keep in mind!

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