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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome Spring!

It's felt like Spring for nearly the entire length of Winter which has not made me too happy. I think we had ONE day of Winter (and we saw a few flakes of snow)... but at least now it's OFFICIALLY Spring and I can't help but enjoy it! We had an incredibly windy day yesterday as a storm system blew through... a giant system that reached from the Rio Grande in the south and beyond the Red River in the north (translation: the entire state of Texas!). It rained hard and long, it thundered, it lightened (lightning-ed? :::shrug:::) and blew! This morning, my yard was a mess of mud and the little dry creek bed behind our house was a raging river, but these sweet Calla Lilies that bloomed a few days ago survived! Yay!
Spring beauties!
And though I feel like I was deprived of a real winter, I welcome spring with open arms... and my allergy medicine on standby.  Bring it on!

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