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Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 2012 Tweets to Remember...

Mar 3rd - Callen spotted "Bob!" at Subway! Ha.

Mar 3rd - After his bath Callen knew he needed to go, went over, sat on the potty & went peepee! We had quite a celebration!

Mar 4th - Disappointed we didn't end up with a van this weekend, but I suppose God has other plans. Continuing in my patience lessons.

Mar 6th - My new-to-me '97 Honda Odyssey! Yes, we are parked on a steep hill. Ha.

Mar 10th - At this time 2 yrs ago, I was in a hospital room watching old game shows and trying to find a comfortable position. 4 hrs later = Callen

Mar 12th - Preston told me a joke he observed from watching The Monkees: "What kind of dog says 'off off?'... A British one!" RIP Davy Jones!

Mar 14th - Dear Health Insurance, how many ways will you attempt to swindle us this month? You think we'll just pay it & ask no questions? WRONG.

Mar 14th - Prestonism: "Hot sauce is my arch enemy!"

Mar 17th - The boys have called a meeting, it appears.

Mar 18th - Just dropped my babies off for 2 nights with grandma & grandpa. Michael & I get to enjoy each other's company! Um, what do we talk about? =)

Mar 20th - Preston just sang me a song about Indiana Jones being a Christian. "He reads the Bible every day, and loves Jeeessuuuusss!"

Mar 21st - Oh snot, the 2yr-old has figured out how to work the kid-proof doorknob things AND the safety latch at the top of the doors. WHAT?!?

Mar 23rd - Fairwell van, u served me well. For a week.

Mar 26th - Nothing like pretty much ruining a whole batch of pancakes & having the kids declare them as the BEST EVER!

Mar 26th - Things I don't like having to say to my precious children: "STOP LICKING EACH OTHER!" Sigh.

Mar 30th - I was about 3 feet away from a sloth today. Didn't even cry. However the leafy seadragon sent me into total meltdown.

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