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Friday, May 11, 2012

SongCompanion Review

The song "How Many Kings," written and recorded by the band Downhere, is a beautiful story of just how amazing our God really is.  It tells the story of Jesus' humility and sacrifice for us.  As a reviewer for Buzzplant, I was sent a copy of a SongCompanion for this particular title.  A SongCompanion is simply an interactive PDF page that explains the song, offers further insight into the topic, Bible references and a chance for you or your group to dig deeper into the meaning behind the song and how to apply it to your life. It's a really interesting way to explore more of a song that just it's words and sound.

The SongCompanion for "How Many Kings" features the song lyrics and information about Downhere, as well as an explanation of the song's purpose and questions that ask you to read some specific Bible verses and expand on the topic, which, in this case is humility.  There are also little videos embedded in the page to watch and learn from.  

SongCompanions are great for personal or group use to further study a specific Bible topic.  I think these would make great home group type studies for young adults who enjoy music and would like digging further into the lyrics of some their favorite modern songs.  The PDF pages are artistically illustrated with bright, colorful and interesting graphics and photos, and as mentioned before, offer video and lots of information in a compact package.  SongCompanion.com has more information.

[I was sent a copy of the above mentioned SongCompanion from Buzzplant in exchange for my posted review.  I was not further compensated for my opinion and the text written above are my own words.]

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