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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Boy Talk in the Backseat...

Callen (pointing to the Geico Gecko billboard): Yay!  On teebee!

Preston: Callen, I'm going to send you to Geico to live because you love that lizard so much.

Callen: No!

Preston: It's insurance, ya know?  Do you even KNOW what insurance is?

Callen: No.

Preston: It guarantees you won't crash.  Like, if you have it, you can't crash at all.  Orrrr, then you have to pay money.

Callen: Oh.  Twaash.  Peese-man?

Preston:  Noooo... not a policeman.

Callen: Um... fi-yer-twuck?

Preston:  No firetruck.

Callen:  Batman?

Preston:  Nooo... not Batman.

Callen:  Yeah, BATMAN!

Preston:  Stop talking, Callen....you make no sense.


Jill said...

Love that boy talk! ;) Can't wait to see and hear them in person!

Lindsay-Marie said...

Ha! I wish that having insurance would guarantee that I wouldn't crash. I love kid logic :)