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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our Christmas Tree and Decor 2012!

I forgot to post about how we went to cut down our own Christmas tree last week, and then... well, didn't end up cutting it down afte rall.  We went out to Canton, stopping to have lunch at Dairy Queen, of course, and fully intended up hunting down and chopping down the tree of our choice.  But, turns out, the selection was terrible.  All of the trees were too big or too small.  I mean, we weren't being picky or snobby, at all.  There literally were not ANY trees that would work for us.  Pretty disappointing.  We did end up with a tree, though.  It was just already cut and ready to go.  No sawing for the Clark Family this year.  Oh well, hey, at least we got a tree!!!

Callen made a better tree than the actual trees.

There's a tree in the house!

Trimmed in blue!
Michael did a fantastic job of doing the Christmas lights on the house this year and came up with a neat way to make use of the branches we had to cut off the bottom of our tree!

Our big tree in the front blocks the view if you're too close.

Got our Nativity and Peanuts Gang.

Love it!  The branches and lights look so pretty!

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Jill said...

Oh, that's what he did with the branches.