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Friday, February 1, 2013

January 2013 Tweets & Instagrams to Remember...

Jan 5th - Phineas and Ferb bring brothers together.

Jan 7th - We all got real mittens for Christmas from the Michigan Clarks , both boys went to bed with them on. I snuck  

Jan 12th - Trapped in tinker toys.  

Jan 13th - 54th birthday!  

Jan 14th - All I want is to go to the bathroom without WWIII erupting in the other room. A mom can dream, right?

Jan 15th - Upon looking out at the deck covered in snow, Callen exclaimed, "Yay, its Christmastime again!"

Jan 18th - Omgosh, my beef and cheese enchiladas smell sooooo good. Hurry up!  

Jan 21st - Omgosh, Ethan Embry on Once Upon a Time! Yesssss!

Jan 22nd - Dear Self: When sending a text, pay attention to whom it is being sent. Your friends do not need to know the same things your husband does.

Jan 23rd - No wonder Daddy has a bad back!  

Jan 23rd - Getting Preston's eyes checked.  

Jan 24th - Texting. While skateboarding. Down the middle of the road. In the dark. Praying I don't read about that guy in the headlines tomorrow.

Jan 26th - 2nd place in the Wolf Den, he got 2nd in every heat he did.  

Jan 30th - WHY do people answer the phone if they are in the middle of a meeting? I always feel guilty for interrupting, but they shouldn't answer!

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