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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our Little House in the Prairie...

So, our house was officially listed last Friday.  The photographer did a fantastic job of capturing our "model home."  The staging is nice, and even though keeping it "nice" is difficult with two little hurricanes living here... it's worth it.  Check out some of the pix:
Curb Appeal
Entryway and kitchen view from living room.

Living area
Kitchen and breakfast nook.
Master bedroom.
Backyard with swing set and deck.
We've had about 10 showings so far, and the feedback we've received from just a few of the potential buyers that bother to leave feedback... is that it's too small.  Yep, it's a perfect little house for a couple just starting out or empty nesters.  We are moving because we need a bigger space if we plan to have another child... which we do.  But, this house has served us well with our two current children and has been our home for over 10 years now.

Michael and I are enjoying looking through listings for what we want in a new house.  Actually, Michael has already found us the perfect house... at least on paper.  I keep thinking there must be something horribly wrong with it if it's still on the market, but who knows.  We'll probably start going to actually look at places next week.  Don't want to get too excited about a place and then have to lose it because ours hasn't sold yet.  BUT if ours happens to sell quickly, we'll need a place to live, right?

We are in the throes of this next step in our life, and believe it or not, I am still super calm and excited about it.  For me, that's huge.  I do not deal well with change, and this type of change (MOVING!!!) is major.  So, I guess that's a pretty good sign that this is the right time and God's got it under control.  

P.S. The thing I struggle most with right now in keeping the house tidy for spur-of-the-moment showings... making my bed.  Ugh, I HATE making my bed.  Always have.  I am blessed with a husband who feels the same way, so we've just never done it.  Plus, the kids are always tromping on it and throwing the blankets off anyway, what's the point?!  So yeah, lol, if that's any indication of how NOT STRESSED I am about this whole experience... the fact that the most trouble is making my bed.  RIGHT?!


Sandra said...

We moved last summer and although it was a little stressful, it was also a fun adventure. I like looking at houses and planning our furniture in my head. There is definitely a difference between on paper and in person. Where are you looking to buy and how big of a house are you looking for?

Jade Clark said...

Hey, Sandra! We are relatively open to where at this point... we'd like to get out of Dallas County, and would even like to be out of Tarrant, but that might be asking too much. Michael works in Irving and Hurst, my parents live in Fort Worth and our church is in Grand Prairie. We are looking for 1,600+ square feet, 3+ bedrooms, and preferably two living areas (extra formal dining or whatever is fine, need somewhere to set up homeschool stuff but doesn't have to be it's own specific room). Our current home is 1338 square feet so it won't take much to be bigger than what we have now, lol.