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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Frustrations of Trying to Sell Your House (regarding showings and keeping it staged)...

Our house has been on the market for about 110 days now.  That's 110 days of trying to live in this de-cluttered, staged home.  I have two young, wild and rowdy boys who are home with me 24/7.  That pretty much sums it up, but just for memory's sake...
  • As I clean, those children follow in my wake leaving a path of destruction. (I vacuumed the bedroom carpet, and not 2 minutes later Callen crushed goldfish crackers into the carpet.)
  • Realtors don't always lock the door when they leave.  Um... not cool, y'all.
  • Some potential buyers apparently don't care that they track in sticky stuff or mud.
  • Making my bed.
  • Realtors who schedule a showing for 8:30 in the morning, I get my boys up and out (no small task around here, especially that early), we stay gone doing pointless stuff for the hour we're supposed to and come back, then that realtor rings the door bell half an hour later, stands there with their clients and says "Oh no, we rescheduled, didn't they tell you?"  I'm not a natural curser, but that wanted me to exclaim some profanity real bad. 
  • A realtor who schedules a showing for 8:30 in the morning, period.
  • Potential buyers whose feed back simply states "too small."  Um, read the freaking description and dimensions, y'all.  You are wasting my precious time.
  • Having to make my stupid bed.  And Preston's stupid bed.  And Callen's stupid bed. And then mine AGAIN because the boys have played in it.
  • Investors who put a contract on the house, but bails out on the last day of the option period leaving you back at square one.
  • People who submit ridiculously low bids to see how desperate you are.  We're not that desperate.
  • Having your closets and garage packed full of stuff that you occasionally need to get to but can't.
  • Leaving the lights on and the A/C down, using more electricity than normal and running up our bill (especially in the summer).
  • Having to pack up and put away homeschool stuff constantly instead of having it in a convenient place.
  • Have I mentioned how much I hate making my bed?  Well, I do.
  • Having strangers milling around my house.  It's creepy.
  • Realtors who ask for 2 hours of showing time, but only spend 3 minutes actually in my house.
  • Potential buyers who complain about the door in the back bedroom.  That is clearly noted AND pictured in the listing.  Don't be stupid.
  • Needing to sell this house at the price we're asking and not being able to budge just to get it done.  That sucks.
I'm sure I'll continue to add to this list.  But I hope I don't have to.  I would like to be done with this now.


Melanie Schemanski said...

Our house has been listed for 21 months :( It is a 35 acre farm.

Joanne said...

Ugh... I remember this too well with our last house. People would complain that it was a two story? Ummmmm, read the listing? See the upstairs windows in the pictures?