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Friday, April 23, 2010

Morning TV is Interesting...

Preston spent the nite with Grandma Darlene so this morning I actually got to watch stuff on TV that WASN'T a cartoon.  Since I don't do that much, wasn't sure what to watch, so I flipped around and caught several rather amusing things...
- When I first turned on the TV, Regis & Kelly was on... only Anderson Cooper was filling in for Regis.  Kate Gosseling and her dancer guy partner were dancing... if you can call it that.  Mostly they were walking, pausing and posing... no wonder she got booted from Dancing With The Stars.  Then they had the winner of Project Runway on (which caused me confusion because I thought that was a modeling contest, but apparently is a fashion designer show? I had no idea!).  This guy, SethAllen, totally brought home a serious point - musicians and scenesters, listen up! Think about whether or not you wanna be trying to pull this look off at 38.

Doesn't always work.  Just saying.

- Jillian Michaels caught a case of the giggles talking about her new book and recipes.  Blame it on Al Roker.  But seriously... when I think of Jillian Michaels, I always picture her screaming at people, being mean and hard...

.... but seeing her giggling uncontrollably about food was pretty funny.  Al told her that her oatmeal recipe would be good cold and she said "yuck"... then she realized it and said "I just said 'yuck' about my own recipe!  I am not gonna sell a single book!"  After that all bets were off, she couldn't help herself.

- I finally saw Kathy Lee and Hoda on Today.  I've never seen the actual thing, just the SNL skit (see below).  But ya know what?  The SNL skit is DEAD ON... I couldn't tell the difference.  They really are that bad... talking over each other, making fun of each other and things that you wouldn't think they should, just all kinds of craziness and chaos.

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