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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tidbits, part 1...

Since it's really hard to sit and compose an actual full-on blog these days (you should read the ones I write in my head!), I figured this might be the next best thing...

- My kid is ridiculously cute.  Wait... my KIDSSSS are ridiculously cute.  It's a good thing too, otherwise I'm not so sure all the trouble would be worth it.  Callen is constantly fussy if you're not feeding him.  Even holding him isn't enough sometimes, he just likes to cry... and always wants to eat.  But, man, he has beautiful eyes and an adorable smile... and he's starting to "talk" to us - a sweet little "aww" sound.  Definitely getting to be more interactive, and not even six weeks old yet!  Preston is testing boundaries, talking back, being defiant... you name it.  All he wants to do is play on PBSKids.org.  He's already mastered the internet pretty much, can work that website like you wouldn't believe.  I was watching him play on it the other day, a whiz with the mouse and knows what to click on and what to do... 4-yr-old genius!  He seems so big and grown up now, compared to Callen.  He's definitely a little man, so intelligent and sweet (yes, he has sweet moments despite the other stuff), can't believe how fast he's growing up!

- Being a stay-at-home-mom has been awesome.  It's weird not having to rush off to work, and not having that excuse for not cleaning/cooking/etc.  However, I still have a newborn so I have that excuse working for me... for now.  We've been attending story-times as two different Barnes & Nobles over the past few weeks.  A great way to get out of the house, not spend money and do something fun.  It's still hard to get out of the house for very long at a time because Callen eats so often, but I'm getting better at nursing discretely in public. 

- Speaking of nursing... those of you that have written/talked to me about the trouble I was having... thanks so much for the encouragement, suggestions and support.  I greatly appreciate it.  It's better.  I used the Gentian Violet for about a week and the redness and  most of the soreness has passed, but I still have pretty deep cracks I'd like to heal up.  I'm still using the shields, as they have helped the most to make nursing easier on Callen and me.  I just hope that when I stop using them, he doesn't freak out 'cause he's gotten use to them... and that the cracks don't open right back up.  I'm sure it'll be ok, but I'm still using them for a while longer till the cracks are better.

- I feel bad for all the women I've completely scared off of pregnancy/babies.  Haha.  I have complained so much during my pregnancy and then after the baby was born that I'm pretty sure there are a few of my friends that are terrified of having kids in the future.  I apologize for that.  I promise you, despite how difficult it is... kids are completely worth it.  And it's definitely NOT all bad.  There are far more good moments than bad.  I SWEAR!

And with that, my few moments of being able to use two hands is over.  I have so much more to say, but it'll have to wait till the next time I get three extra minutes. 

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