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Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Month Down...

Callen is a month old!  Whoa, how does that happen?!?!  I've been meaning to blog about him for weeks now, but alas... there's just no time (or energy) left over for such things.  He's sleeping now and Preston is building a fort outta the couch cushions... so maybe I have a few minutes.  We'll see.

It has been a blessed... and very rough month, I have to admit.  Getting used to life with a newborn and a 4-yr-old has been harder than I imagined it would be.  It's been four years since Preston was an infant and since he's now so independent, I guess I forgot how needy the little ones are. 

Breastfeeding has been the biggest issue so far.  About two weeks in, I got a clogged duct which rapidly turned into an infection (like pretty much instantly).  I was just sitting on the couch with the kids, watching cartoons, when I suddenly realized I was shivering and could not get warm.  I got into bed, covered up with several blankets and a heating pad... still couldn't stop shivering uncontrollably.  It was crazy.  I had clogged ducts with Preston, but it never happened like that and it was scary.  I got over that with help of frequent nursing (through the pain) and antibiotics.  But as soon as that was better, I was in severe pain every time Callen nursed... I had developed huge, deep cracks that caused excruciating pain if I even moved wrong.  Callen wasn't latching on properly and I hadn't really been paying attention to it.  He would also constantly get his hands in the way, try to shove his fist in his mouth along with me... and anytime he accidentally touched my breast I had to keep from screaming, it hurt so bad.  Needless to say, nursing sessions were spent in tears (his and mine), we would both get so frustrated (and I was in so much pain).  I kept thinking it would get better if I could just adjust his latch... but even after I paid careful attention to that and got him on right, it still hurt and wasn't healing.  Finally called my doctor and she suggested Gentian Violet and nipple shields.  So, I've been doing that since last Thursday and things have improved on the pain front.  However, that's caused it's own troubles... I guess the nipple shield makes it slightly more difficult for Callen to nurse, so he gets tired quicker and doesn't nurse as long... which means he wants to nurse again soon after.  So I feel like I'm nursing just constantly... but at least it doesn't hurt as badly.  He's also had really bad gas trouble the past few days - either from the gentian violet (?) or because he gets more air from the shields... he's been really fussy and does not like to be put down at all.  Constant feeding and holding has been the recipe of the past several days.  But hopefully my cracks will be healed soon and we can get back to normal nursing!

Other than that, we're doing well.  He's becoming a lot more alert and can follow things with his eyes/head.  If I put him down in his crib for a few minutes, he'll have scooted himself pretty much to the other end.  If put on his tummy, he'll roll over... and he's getting good control of his head.  He obviously doesn't sleep through the nite yet, but at least after nursing he usually goes right back to sleep, so it's not so bad.  I'm extremely glad he doesn't want to stay up and party during the nite, 'cause I sure don't!  I can't really tell if he's gotten much bigger, still seems super tiny! 

Preston is good with Callen.  Sometimes he gets frustrated/annoyed when Callen is fussy/crying.  But for the most part, he talks very sweetly to him and wants to help soothe him when he's upset.  He likes to sing to him too.  We've been having some pretty seriously attitude problems with Preston lately though.  He is having trouble obeying us and tends to be straight up defiant at times.  Patience tends to run pretty thin on my part, especially when I'm faced with a double whammy of both kids freaking out at the same time.  But we're working on it.  I've tried to make sure to get out of the house a few times a week at least, give Preston something to do.  We went to Barnes & Noble's story-time last week and he enjoyed that... both kids were great for that outing!  We've gone to the park or played in the backyard in the nice weather when we can.  Sometimes we don't get off the couch till it's late enough to wake up Daddy - we watch a lot of cartoons, heh.  The grandparents have both taken Preston for me a few times over the past few weeks (so thankful for them!).  We're trying to find our groove, but some days I'm just toooo exhausted or lacking patience to do much of anything.

I attempted church three Sundays ago... Callen slept the entire time, but Preston had a major melt-down, refused to go to his class or go into "big" church with me... just cried and threw a tantrum because he wanted to go home.  We tried to hang out in the Quiet Room till he got over it, only he never did so we had to go home.  Then last Sunday we made it to Easter Sunday service... Michael, Jill and Steve all came.  Preston was great 'cause he knew he would get to hunt for eggs afterwards and Callen slept through the service.  After church we went to brunch, so that was nice.  Michael was miserable 'cause he got up early and just didn't feel good, but I'm thankful he attempted to spend the time with us.  Last nite we were up too much and so going to church this morning was just pretty much out of the question.  We also missed our small group meeting this week 'cause both kids were taking turns having melt-downs.  I guess that's just the way it goes.  Hehe.  I have to admit, being away from work has actually been really nice.  Even though it's been crazy, I could totally get used to this Stay-At-Home-Mom stuff!

Being a family of four is certainly taking some getting used to... but we're hanging in there so far.

Some pix...
Trip to the park (naptime).

Attempting a group photo.

Visiting Mema (right at this moment, Callen had a major toot! Haha)

Naptime with Daddy.

Easter baskets.

Cute booty!

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