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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sweet Preston Memories...

PrI'm really just posting this stuff so I don't forget...

- A few weeks after Callen was born, Michael was chopping down the huge bushes beside our driveway.  Preston really wanted to go out and help (the neighbor and his son were helping too).  I had him get his shoes on and thought he could go help move some of the branches out of the way.  Once he got out there, there wasn't much he could do and the chainsaw was loud, kind of scaring him.  Michael told him to come in so he didn't get hurt.  He went into his room and I thought he was just there playing quietly.  I went in to check on him after just a few minutes, and he was sitting on his bed crying so quietly, like he didn't want anyone to know he was crying ('cuz, well, normally he cries loudly).  I went in and asked him what was wrong and he told me "I just wanted to help my daddy."  It made me so sad that he went in there all by himself to cry (he usually came to us or was loud enough that it seemed like he just wanted attention).  This was the first time he tried to keep it from me, and it made me cry 'cause I realized he's getting so big and mature even though he's still so little. 

- The other day we were sitting on the couch and he was looking at me very intently.  We weren't doing anything, saying anything, totally unprovoked... he said to me, "Mommy, I just like looking at your face, 'cause it's so pretty."  What a sweet thing to say, completely outta nowhere. 

- Since I have been holding and carrying around Callen so much, when I pick up Preston he seems soooo big.  Like a grown person.  Getting him outta my bed once he's fallen asleep and trying to put him in his is a giant undertaking, I know he's still a little guy (around 35 pounds still!), but now he seems like a big man.

- Preston does a good job of trying to help soothe Callen when he's fussing. He'll go over to his little brother, tell him "it's ok, brother's here... there's nothing to cry about"... he says it in this tiny, sweet caring voice.  It's really precious.  Sometimes when he's trying to do something he'll ask me to make sure Callen is watching.  Like out on the swing set if he's going to slide, he'll say "Mommy, make sure Callen can see me!"  He loves his little brother!

- Every time Callen gets fussy Preston says "He needs his diaper changed!!!"  Every.time.

- Callen was laying on the couch, doing just fine, perfectly content.  Preston came by and was showing him his pacifier... "Look Callen, this is your paci, it's sucky!  Sucky, sucky, sucky!" He put it in Callen's mouth and held it there (Callen still lets it pop right out most of the time).  Then he took a burp cloth and put it on Callen and said "he needs a blanket."  It was just sweet watching P 'take care' of his little brother.

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