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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Callen's 4 Month Update...

Doctor's appointment today.  I really don't like getting up early, especially when we're all slightly sick-ish and have been up a lot throughout the nite... then having to sit around a doctor's office for an hour before they bother to come in (we could have slept that extra hour, ya know?!?).  Anyway, Callen is perfect healthy - of course!

14.5 lbs, 27" long

Had to get two shots and one oral vaccination.  He cried, duh, but was fine once I got him in his seat and heading out the door.  I think he was just tired of being in that place.  We all were, kid, we all were.  I had half a dozen questions for the doctor.  Yes, this is my second kid... but he's different, what's this? is this normal? can I do anything about this?  She reassured me that everything was perfectly fine.  Whew.  He has a little calcified cyst-type thing on his right nipple.  It's been there since he was born and the first couple of times to the doctor they told me it would go away (two different doctors).  But they never really gave me a time-line, so in MY mind, it should have gone away.  But this doctor said it could be years, nothing to worry about it since it's not bothering him and isn't getting bigger or worse.  :::shrug:::  Ok.

I looked back on here (my xanga) to see what I posted about Preston's 4 month check up:

He's just a little guy!

Preston had a doctor's appointment today.  He's healthy.  That's good.
But, in a way, it made me feel like a bad mother. 
Every kid is different...do they create those percentiles just to make you worry?
I'm thinking they do.  He's healthy, but he's 'lean' for his age...quite lean. 
:::Mother goes into panic mode!:::  Too lean, not eating enough, I'm starving him!
He's got eczema too.  And a bit of a hernia.  BUT, she didn't detect the murmer, so that's a plus!
Poor boogerhead got poked in the finger and then got two shots in each of his thighs.  =(

Hehe.  He was 12lbs, 7oz and 25" long.  So Callen is already 2 pounds and 2 inches bigger than Preston was... I have a feeling he's going to be bigger than him soon enough.  Preston doesn't seem to grow (despite the fact that he seems giant to me know compared to the infant).  Though, he has surpassed 40" finally, just not 40lbs (has been stuck around 37 lbs forever!).

A few new pix to post...

The boys LOVE each other, playing together, etc.

This picture cracks me up, Callen's face is hilarious!

He's usually soooo happy!!!  Can't beat that!

Visiting Mema.

Callen is rolling over tummy-to-back.  He did it for weeks on his own, but I never saw it till just the other day.  I would go into his room to get him from a nap and he'd be laying there on his back (and we always put him on his tummy to sleep).  He FINALLY rolled over for me the other nite and you would have thought we won the lottery the way Preston and I carried on.  LOL!  I love that Preston gets so excited about his brother!  It's so sweet.

He's also playing really well with toys now.  He reaches out and moves his truck around on his highchair tray.  He also grabs the toys dangling down on his bouncy seat.  Or he'll take a rattle toy and shake it around and chew on it a bit.  He's super drooly and loves to chomp on EVERYTHING, maybe some teething going on.

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