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Monday, July 12, 2010

Farewell, KVTT.

It's a sad day in Dallas-Fort Worth.  A lot of people won't even notice, but one of Dallas-Fort Worth's longest running Christian radio stations is signing off the air today.  KVTT is having to shut it's doors after over 33 years of being on the airwaves.  Last year the station was sold to KERA, and through the hard work of it's employees and God's grace, they moved to AM to hold out for a few months longer.  But it didn't last... their listeners didn't make the move with them, or at least the listeners who were their main supporters didn't seem to make the move with them.  It's heartbreaking.  KVTT is where Power FM started, therefore it's where I started... so this station means a lot to me, the people who are now out of a job mean a lot to me. 

When I first started with the organization, I was the weekend 'babysitter' for both stations.  I did board op and on-air shifts for KVTT, I did the website for a short while.  When our two stations split (when KVTT was sold to Covenant), we all remained in the same building, so even though we were separate... we really weren't.  The sell of KVTT to KERA last year was devastating, we thought it was gone then.  But they were able to obtain an AM frequency and continued on for a while, there was some hope for the station!  Now this.  It's gone.  Listener-supported, non-commercial Christian radio is hard.  There are so many rules and limitations that make it nearly impossible to survive, but KVTT did it... for 33 years! 

Thank you, KVTT, and everyone who's worked there or been a part of the organization for all that you've done!   I know that the station reached and ministered to millions of people over it's history... I pray the Lord blesses this opportunity for even bigger and better things!

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