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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ok, ok, Summer is good for a few things...

I am pretty harsh on Summer, because it's hot... and I don't really like hot.  But, I have to admit there are a few things that come with Summer that are actually nice.  Plus, North Texas has been having a lot of rain the past few weeks, and lots of clouds, which means temperatures haven't been tooooo bad lately.  I am thankful for that.

This morning's plan was to hit up Old Navy, Borders, Half Price Books & Walmart.  Now, considering we went to bed late 'cause of the Rangers game (watching it on tv, and there was a two hour rain delay) and then I was up at least three times to feed Callen (he kept falling asleep and not eating till he was full so he'd wake up again hungry)... we got a later start than I thought.  Oh well.  Preston and I got up, had breakfast then I got Callen up and fed him... then we were off!  I was a little nervous, 'cause usually when I make plans to do stuff like this... it fails massively.  But, it went pretty darn good this time around.  The weather was cooperative, cloudy and not terribly hot.  The boys were in good moods (despite a few initial protests from Preston, who wanted to stay home and watch cartoons). 

First, we hit up Old Navy.  I really needed some new flip flops 'cause the ones I've been wearing for years are starting to tear up finally (helped by Preston stepping on the back of one the other day and causing it to have a huge crack).  I was hoping it wouldn't be wicked crowded, and thankfully... it wasn't!  Thank you, Jesus... Old Navy scares me when it's packed!  Anyway, grabbed two pairs of flip flops in my size (and they had the silver ones I always like!), grabbed a pair in Preston's size (The LAST one in that size, haha) and got checked out. $3.24 for three pairs of flip flops, not bad!

Next off, Borders Books.  Turned in Preston's reading list for a free book! No problem!

Then, to Half Price Books to turn in two weeks of Preston's reading list for $6 worth of HPB credit. We hit up the clearance section and scored 4 books that Preston liked.  I had to throw in a quarter, but worth it for a Kate Toms, Backyardigans, Pooh and dragon book!

Our score:
  Total out of pocket: $3.49

We also hit up Walmart for a few things we needed, including a free Digiorno pizza, and they were having lots of samples.  So, Preston, who was getting antsy for lunch, was occupied with crackers, a bit of hot dog, cookies and kool-aid.  We also ran into Mackenzie & Reggie!  As we were headed for the check out, Callen, who had been perfect up until then, started fussing.  Poor guy lasted as long as he could.  Both boys were as good as could be expected, so I'm thankful for that.

So, Summer, I do appreciate at least two things about you: flip flop sales and Summer reading programs that score us free books! Woo!

[EDIT: Added 8:43 PM]
P.S. I might have gotten a little too gung-ho about Summer today.  I got the whole family to get in their swim suits and we headed over to the community pool* and just as we pulled into the parking lot, there came a great rainstorm.  We hoped it would pass in a few minutes, but when it didn't, we came home.  It rained for hours.  Preston was pretty sad, I was pretty bummed, Michael was probably slightly annoyed and Callen... well, he peed in his swim diaper, I think that covers it.  We'll try again soon!

* We have lived in this house for over 7 years and NEVER been to the neighborhood pool.  Ok, we tried ONCE and it was a Monday... it's closed on Mondays for cleaning.  Never went back.  But now that Preston is learning to swim, I decided I would call up the HOA and see if they would send me a new key card to get in.  I have NO IDEA where the first one went to, and I knew they charged $75 for a replacement.  But, when I called and said I would like a key card, the lady looked up our account and said, "Oh, I see we've never issued you one."  Whew!  She mailed it yesterday, we got it in the mail today!  I guess when the HOA was taken over by a new company the info didn't get passed along. Well, good, 'cause I was gonna raise a stink about having to pay for a new key card when the HOA never even does anything about the problems in our neighborhood.  Luckily, I didn't have to drag all that into the conversation.  She was very nice and we have access to the pool now!  Yay! [/EDIT]

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