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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Laughing at myself...

I've always been, or tried to be, thrifty.  I remember when I was in grade school and my mom wanted to buy me a new backpack for the new school year.  Most kids would want that, new stuff is great!  Not me, I was all "nah, my one from last year is still good."  I never understood spending more money than you had to.  I mean, I don't mind splurging here or there on fun stuff... but again, if there's a way to get it cheaper, why not?  Now that I have 'more time' at home, I've been working on the whole couponing thing.  I'm thankful there are blog sites that help, 'cause I'm not clever enough, nor do I have time and/or energy enough, to figure all this out on my own!

The other day, as I was driving from Albertsons  (where I scored 13 boxes of cereal, 6 boxes of PopTarts and 1 box of Nutrigran Bars for $12!) to church, I just started laughing at myself.  There I was with my score, but also dressed in my 'deal busting' finest.  EVERYTHING that I was wearing that day was new (yay, a new outfit!) but was also ridiculously cheap.  Here's what I was wearing...

$1 flipflops from Old Navy (w/coupon)
$4.99 Clearance jeans from Old Navy
$3 Clearance shirt from Target (that I also used a coupon on)
$2 cami shirt from Old Navy (w/coupon)
FREE bra and underwear from BzzAgent

$11 for EVERYTHING, and all brand new (not garage sale or thrift store - which I don't mind at all either).

It's the only way I can justify buying anything right now, it has to be super cheap!  We certainly don't have money to be buying new clothes!  Most of the rest of my wardrobe is similar (and always has been)... the jeans/shorts I've owned FOREVER so they've paid for themselves many times over, t-shirts I received from work for free, other clothes I've bought off the clearance rack

I'm not trying to brag or anything, not rubbing in my 'saving skills.'  Just making an observation to amuse myself when I read this post 5 years later or whatever.  Haha.  Hopefully in 5 years I'll still be raking in the super deals! =)  And I'm glad that being 'frugal' now days is a good trait to have, instead of always being considered a cheapskate. 

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