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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Preston update at... 54 months?

Preston made me breakfast the other morning!

I woke up because I thought I heard the baby fussing.  But he was asleep, it was the tv.  Preston was up, sitting on the couch, watching Boo.  I *think* he had just turned it on, but he informed me that he had been up for "hours!"  He also said, "Your breakfast is over there, I made Poptarts!"  I panicked for a second 'cause he's always wanting to use the toaster.  But there was an unheated Blueberry Poptart laying at my place on the table, and remnants of an eaten Poptart at his.  Whew!

That boy is growing up so fast!  He can easily help himself to snacks (even when I tell him not to).  He can get to anything in the kitchen (yikes!). He quite often gets up in the morning and sets about making himself a PBJ sandwich... only he isn't strong enough to open the jars so then he comes to wake me up.  I get into the kitchen to find all of the necessities out on the table (peanut butter, jelly, bread, and KNIFE!).  He's also very helpful at getting things for me when I'm tied down with Callen.  He enjoys helping entertain Callen, as best he can, so I can take a potty break.  We are still dealing with some out-right defiant behavior.  There's a lot of whining and crying on a regular basis.  But I often have to remind myself "he's only 4!"  Sometimes he acts so big, it's easy to forget that.  Then he reverts to 'acting his age' and it throws me off. 

He's done so well with reading this summer.  He still needs help with some words, but overall he can read to himself (and Callen!) just fine.  I laid off the writing for now, not doing anything regularly at the moment... will probably start up in a few weeks as school is starting for everyone else.

Preston still adores his Little Brother.  His favorite thing is playing in the floor with Callen.  They have so much fun.  Callen watches everything P does, and laughs and smiles so much when he's around.  I hope and pray that they'll always enjoy each others company this much!

He wanted me to put this flower in water (it's from off our tree, they're all over our yard), I told him I would take a picture of it 'cause it would last longer that way.


Just an average nite at the Clarks' house...

Oh, and Preston learned to whistle this week as well!  Go Preston!

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