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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas in October...

Several months ago I bought a swing for Callen on clearance at Wal*Mart (was even cheaper than tagged when I checked out!) - one that we could add to Preston's swingset.  I wasn't sure if I'd give the swing to Callen for Christmas or birthday, not that he would know either way.  I was thinking Christmas made sense since the swingset was Preston's Christmas present last year... but his birthday is in March and it'd be Spring and would get to use it more than winter.  But, it doesn't matter now 'cause I gave it to him on Thursday instead.  It was such a lovely day!  We were outside on the back deck watching Preston play on the slide and swings and I was holding Callen... and just thought "What the heck! He won't know anyway."  Michael attached the new swing and Callen LOVED it!!!  So fun!  Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday, buddy!

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