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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

He really likes school...

This morning, after we were done with our lessons, I was sitting on the couch feeding Callen when I looked over and saw Preston sitting in the floor of the kitchen, messing around with his school stuff.  Normally, I don't let him play or drag out school stuff when we're not doing school.  But, he was being good, just looking at books... and being quiet, which is rare these days, so I let him be.  The sunlight was streaming in around him and he just looked so sweet.  I had to quickly and quietly lay the baby down (he had fallen asleep), grab my camera and sneak a few photos.  I got a couple before he caught me and turned silly.

Looking through his books.

He was sitting in the chair, counting... he got to 47 before I was busted!

He tried to hide.  Haha.
School is still going really well.  He enjoys it and is good through it most of the time.  It's when 'class' is over that the attitude and fussiness erupts.  I dunno what's going on... still testing limits and trying to figure out where he fits in maybe?  He seems to think he's in charge and calls the shots... and when that gets shut down, he throws tantrums.  

But, anyway... school is going well.  Today we were discussing wholes, 1/2's, 1/3's and 1/4's.  We used measuring cups and filled 'em with water to test the differences.  I also had several round pumpkin cut-outs (one cut in half, one cut in thirds, etc).  He seemed to get it just fine.  He usually seems to get it just fine, then later in the day you ask him what he learned or anything specific and he goes blank.  BUT, today when I was out, he told Michael that 3/4's of our family were home... so I'm thinking he totally got it!  Haha.  That's my smarty pants!

Some other recent stuff we've done is gone over colors in Spanish, weather (we are making a weather chart, so each day we observe the weather outside and record it), reading clocks and time, various reading and writing activities in the workbooks we have and more.  We've also been using a Sonlight video series called My Passport to India... and twice a week we watch a 5-minute video about a guy visiting India.  It's been really interesting to learn all kinds of things about India... how they live, what they believe, what God is doing there, and Preston has been so excited about it.  I'm not sure how much he's really getting out of it, 'cause it might be a bit over his head, but he likes to watch it and answer questions about it.  And he's collected money to help send some Indian kids to Children's Bible Club.  Funny story about that...

After we watched the first video, Preston was gung-ho about collecting money to help the Indian kids.  We had explained to him that we could look for loose change around, and maybe ask people if they had any spare change they could donate.  We went to have dinner with my family and as soon as we got in the restaurant and around my family, Preston blurted out "Does anyone have any loose change?!?!"  They all laughed, thinking he wanted it for the gumball machine.  He got kinda frustrated because he wasn't sure how to explain why he wanted it, but (with some help from me and Michael) managed to tell everyone about the kids in India and how he could help them to learn about Jesus.  He collected quite a few bucks from them that evening!

So, yeah, homeschool is still going really well...happy to be able to report that! I'm looking forward to spending more time and getting more out of our Homeschool Group too.  We are going with them this Friday to a pumpkin patch/animal farm in Alvarado... so that should be fun.  Should being the magic word (see previous post).

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Joanne said...

Glad to hear he's doing so well. We're having issues with Elise acting out too... maybe it does have something to do with school!