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Friday, October 22, 2010

Headed to the World Series!

That's right, guys... World Series bound!
Wow.  Just wow.  I don't think anyone saw this coming a few months ago.  I mean, we root for the Rangers, we love those guys, we hope they can do well... but going to the World Series?  It's just not an option... until now!  It's time... that's for sure!

Drowning Josh Hamilton with Ginger Ale!
The Texas Rangers have been through so much this year... the controversies surrounding Ron Washington's drug and Josh Hamilton's alcohol problems.  Nearly being auctioned off because of bankruptcy.  It's been a mess of a season for them behind the scenes, but not out on the field!  These guys handled all of it with grace, forgiveness and respect.  The best thing about this team is that they act like a team.  No one is the 'star,' no one is more important than anyone else... they play together.  

Happy guys!

And you can tell they really care for each other, they have fun and enjoy what they're doing!  I mean, what other group of grown men would go around making silly antler signals and claw swipes in public like that?

This is what baseball should look like.  I am so excited for the Texas Rangers.  Can't wait to see what next week brings in THE WORLD SERIES!!!!

Yes sir, you guys did it!

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