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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My new best friend is the UPS man...

My UPS man and I are becoming good friends.  I know that he has twin daughters that are seniors in high school and are on the drill team.  Ok... that's about all I know about him.  He knows that I have two kids, one being a baby who is almost always in my arms when I answer the door, making it difficult for me to sign for my packages.  Once, soon after Callen was born, I put a sign on the door that read "Do not ring doorbell.  Baby sleeping!"  I'm sure he assumed I meant Callen, but... I really meant Michael.  Whatever, it works.  He gave me a stack of slips and said if I knew a package was coming I could just leave that on the door for him and he wouldn't even have to bother me at all, would just leave the package on the porch.  He honks as he's pulling up so that I have time to get to the door to greet him as he's walking up (or he waits patiently for me to get to the door) without knocking or ringing the bell.  Plus, he has to see me in my over-sized sloppy shirt and pj pants, hair all crazy every which way (because I usually look like that till around 4pm)... and he never even looks surprised or frightened.  What a swell guy!

That swell guy is always bringing me silly stuff that I order online for practically nothing, boxes full of products I'm supposed to try out and promote, or silly prizes I win from various outlets... but today he brought me something that wasn't so much silly as it was AWESOME.  He brought me a flat envelope, which I thought was pretty weird, 'cause usually he brings me large boxes!  I opened it to find a check from Kellogg's for $250!  Whoa!

I was one of 3,000 grand prize winners of the Frosted Mini Wheats School Year Resolution Sweepstakes.  FINALLY, I won cash!  Add that to my 24 pairs of Ranger tickets, 'Going The Distance '(movie) prize pack, a Xeko pet for Preston, coupons and tiny random things.... oh, and my 24 bags of Strawberry Milano cookies that still haven't arrived!  Yes, a check for actual money that we can put towards bills... now THATS what I like to see from my UPS man!  Granted, he's just the messenger... it's still hard not to give him a little bit of credit.

Mostly, thank you, Jesus, for this unexpected but very much needed gift!  The time I spend filling out those lame sweepstakes entries, playing the silly games with Preston hoping to win some prize or another, giving out my email and phone number to hundreds of companies and then sorting through the junk emails I get thereafter... TOTALLY WORTH IT!  :::doing a happy dance:::  

And actually, I heard today that the Milanos should be arriving via FedEx, so... it's time to make myself a new friend!  =)

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