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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hubby Brag...

May I brag on my husband for a moment?  Thanks.

Yesterday, he woke up and tried to get tickets to the Rangers playoff game.  He was a few seconds shy of getting some good ones.  But instead of moping around or even trying to go to someone's house that has cable (and leaving us for hours), he decided to make it a productive day instead - I'm sure it helped that it was a gorgeous Fall day out there!

I've been kind of wanting an extra freezer for the garage to be able to store stockpiles and pre-made dinners, since our fridge/freezer inside doesn't have much extra space.  I have been reading a book about cutting grocery costs (review coming soon) and they reaffirmed how handy it would be.  I told Michael my idea and on Friday I pulled up Craigslist and did a quick search.  There were a lot in the area that had been posted for the weekend, all different sizes, shapes and prices.  Michael suggested I look up how much new ones cost so I'd have a better idea of what I was dealing with (good idea, always a smart thing to do!).  After doing a bit of research at various store websites, I went back to Craigslist and a new listing had just been posted for two FREE upright freezers, just had to come get 'em (the listing said they were old and the outside didn't look very nice - not a big deal!).  Well, nothing sounds better than free, that way if it doesn't work out... we haven't lost anything.  Michael and his dad ran out to Red Oak and picked up the freezer and brought it back.  It was still on when they got there, so when it arrived at home we had to let it defrost (had giant chunks of ice on each shelf).  Anyway, that was all Friday.

Yesterday (the day I'm bragging about), since he couldn't go to the Ranger game or see the game on tv, Michael took his walkman radio and his guitar amp out to the garage and set it up so that he could listen to the game!  Brilliant!  He then set to cleaning that freezer out!  I game out when the kids were napping and helped a little, but he did most of the work.  He even repaired a few cracks and helped the front door not be so warped.  After all the work, the freezer looked great!  It has a few rusty places, most of what looked bad, or that I thought was rust, was really just dirt and is gone!  We turned it on and it got cold (woo hoo!  yeah, we were a little worried it wouldn't work again after being on it's side in transit)!  I can't wait to find CHEAP ways to fill that sucker up!
The front cleaned up very nicely!

Inside is clean... and big!
After all that work, Michael washed the car by hand and set to building me a shelf for the closet!  We recently sold a rollaway bed that had been in the back of our closet since we moved here (7 years ago!).  We used it as a sort of shelf, so once it was gone, the closet was emptier but still a mess!  Michael said he could easily build me a shelf with stuff he had in the garage.  And he was right!  Great job, honey!  Now the games have a shelf again!  Woo hoo!

Yeah, still messy but wayyyy better with the extra shelf!
He worked on other stuff too, I either don't even know about or have forgotten (sorry, dear!), but he did a great job of staying busy yesterday and getting stuff done - most of it for MEEEE!  I am a lucky girl.

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