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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Seven Minute Difference Review & Giveaway [Gi veaway closed]

I was provided with a review copy of The Seven Minute Difference: Small Steps to Big Changes, written by Allyson Lewis, along with the brand new 7 Minute Life Daily Planner, however the views expressed here are my own.  To be honest, I wasn't exactly thrilled about reading and writing about this book.  It looked somewhat boring.  The book is mostly written for business professionals, which I am not.  I am a homemaker with an extremely part-time job (as in I probably "work" 6 days a year or so).  I wasn't sure I'd be able to get much out it.

The book is mostly for working people... it talks a lot about the little (and big) things you can do to improve customer service and growing your business.  But the basic idea it presents is useful to anyone and everyone.  We often wish we were better at something, spent more time doing this or that, had accomplished some goal or another... but life gets in the way, we lose track of our goals and our dreams.  This book offers ways to prioritize and accomplish those goals... no matter how big or small they are.  The main idea is to take action!  Don't just sit around and wish you did... Do it!  Write out your goals, the big ones, the small ones, all of them, even the mundane ones.  Then take a few minutes (or seven) each day to keep moving forward till you've reached the finish line!

It seems so basic. Why would I need to read a book for this? But we are so busy in our day-to-day lives that we rarely take the time to think about what we want, let alone actually attempt it. This book has tips, suggestions, practical guidelines and applications to get you moving to your goal. Whether that goal is business related or keeping the house clean and the kids fed without pulling out your hair. Most of what's written can be customized to your own, personal needs.

The book, The Seven Minute Difference, was published in 2006... what's new is the daily planner, which releases on Friday of this week! This planner is set up to work along with the book and beyond. It gets you focused on what's important each day so that you can make the most of it, not get bogged down in picking up the dry cleaning or running the kids from soccer practice to piano lessons. The point of the planner is to get you to prioritize, organize and simplify your life... business and personal, so that you meet your goals and accomplish what you set out to.  It offers areas to track your progress...whether it's your life goals, financial  goals, something work related or to-do lists for home, as well as monthly calendars and daily sheets.

If you are interested in checking this book and planner out, you can find more information hereOR...I would love to share my copy with anyone who thinks they might like to start making some "small steps to big changes."  That's right, I'm giving the set away!  [To enter, post a comment on this blog letting me know what type of changes you would like to make, along with your email address.  I will pick a winner on the evening of Friday, October 22nd.  Winner will be announced here and emailed for further instructions.  If one person enters, that person wins... if more enter, I will use random.org to pick a winner from the comments.]


Thank you to everyone that entered! 
Congratulations to Kathryn! 
She will be receiving the Seven Minute Difference book and Daily Planner!


Anonymous said...

I think it sounds like a great read. Working 2 jobs and being a mom I meet myself coming and going it seems. I need to be more organized and would love to look over the book and planner for ideas. Thanks missysids(at) yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Yo jade. Here is a comment. That sounds like a neat system. I'm a huge nerd and just read Getting Things Done but it didn't really work for me. Maybe this would? -Alison j

Amanda said...

I am a mom of four small kids. I need all the help I can get when it comes to organization and setting goals.


Kathryn said...

I am making a big change in my diet and lifestyle, I hope to continue this. As a mom of four kiddos 6 and under I want to do this for myself and my family.


Candi Summers said...

Sounds interesting...right now my planning consists of looking at the calendar on my computer once in a while to make sure I'm not forgetting something important.
Candi Summers

Paygethepirate said...

Sounds like this is something that could help me :) Thanks for the review!

Jade =) said...

One comment for Whitney.

Jade =) said...

One comment for Randi.

Jade =) said...

Entries are closed. A winner has been chosen! Congratulations Kathryn!