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Friday, October 15, 2010

Prestonisms on Politics & School

We were driving out to the ranch this past weekend, and we passed a billboard like this one:

Preston's comment: "That sign had a picture of George Bush and it said 'Miss me yet?' And I said 'Yes, I miss Bush being president.'"  Michael and I just turned and looked at each other.  Whoa!  Going 70mph down the highway, Preston was able to read the billboard, KNOW who was on it and understand what it meant!


We are taking this week off of school because we're on vacation (or Stay-cation as Preston will tell you, since we're home all week).  On Wednesday, he got up and came into the kitchen and looked at his school stuff.

Preston: Mommy, I wish our Stay-cation was over already!
Me: Why?
Preston: I wannnnnaaaa do schoool.  I misssss it!

It would be nice if that feeling stuck around through the next 12 years of school.  Haha!

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Jill said...

Awesome! I love those Prestonisms! :)