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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch, take 1...

It was a beautiful day on Sunday, so when Michael woke up we ran over to the little pumpkin patch at a local church.  These fun activities always go so much better in my head than they actually do in real life.  Preston was rather uncooperative.  And whiny.  And grumpy.  And bossy.  And... well, you get the idea.  I got some cute pictures, but we were ALL grumpy within about five minutes and left with just a few little, baby pumpkins. 

We ended up getting our big pumpkin at Aldi.  Ha!  We carved it into a Jack O'Lantern on Monday evening. Preston enjoyed getting his hands all gooey, unlike previous years where he wanted nothing to do with it because it was icky.   Callen sat in his highchair and watched as Daddy did most of the work, with Preston helping a little and mostly just giving the orders.  It turned out pretty cute.

I attempted to toast the pumpkin seeds two different ways (first with just salt, then with sugar and pumpkin pie spice)... but neither turned out very tasty.  The Halloween Cookie Pizza that Preston and I made on Sunday was a much better treat!
Sugar cookie crust, peanut butter as sauce and candy corn, chocolate chips and vanilla frosting as toppings.  Yeah, I know!

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Rosanna said...

oh man that cookie is diabetes! yum!